BREATHTAKING!!! IWC Big Pilot Chronograph IW377701

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BREATHTAKING!!! IWC Big Pilot Chronograph IW377701
We all know that scene in the movie right? Maverick hops on his motorcycle in his blue jeans and white tee shirt with aviators on, speeds away as he is leaving her house. And what happens next?? The music comes on starts playing that familiar beat, then the chorus hits us “Take my breath away!!!!”
Okay, Okay, I know I may have left the building there for a second but come on!! If this watch doesn’t make you want to get a pair of aviators, white tee shirt, and a brown bomber jacket then I don’t know what does.
Oh did I mention that IWC does make A “TOP GUN watch” too. Great thing is this one doesn’t cost near as much as this one and is filled with all the same great heritage as it. Truly a stunning piece. Not even sure if it should be up for sale or locked in my safer forever!!
The clear crips numbers with those small but every so perfectly placed pops of red color!! The way the chronos are textured slightly different than the rest of the face, it draws you deeper and deeper into the face of this luxury timepiece!! I’m gonna be honest with you for a minute. I wore this watch for a day and had a hard time focusing on anything else other than the watch. Good thing it was the weekend or I wouldn’t have been able to get my work done!!
Truly a stunning piece. Comes delivered to you as a complete set with inner box, outer, box, instruction manuals, warranty card, hang tag, and a couple extra bands.
Reference Number: IW377701
Price: $4275.00
Shipping: CONUS FedEx priority overnight
Payment: Zelle or Wire, other options available for those with strong references
Terms: Wire first then ship
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