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Hondikee Write-up

You can find watches with tourbillions, gyro-tourbillions, mechanical perpetual calendar, watches accurate to a few seconds a years pretty much everywhere nowadays. But the emergency line from Breitling truly offers something no one else does. Think about it for a second. Unscrew the crown, pull the antenna and be rescued. Who else offer something similar ?

This is not a JLC Ultra thin moon this is a thick one at 16mm, regardless it sits well on medium (7-7.5") wrists. The Titanium alloy they use is super light and resists well to wear and tear. This watch is close to 20 years old and it's still in very decent condition, but I suspect it was a queen safe. I doubt the previous owner ever got into a situation where he'd the need the emergency function.

This particular model is the limited edition celebrating the Breitling Orbiter 3. Basically, Breitling sponsored a balloon flight around the world without any layover. They went 45 755 KM around the world without touching ground and at the same time, they set a new record for longest flight with 477 hours and 47 minutes (almost 20 days) still holding today.

Pulled from Btreitling source :

"The Breitling Emergency was originally design for pilots and aircrews. It is a watch with a built-in micro-transmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency and is designed to complement the distress signalling equipment of any aircraft. Following a crash the 'Emergency' will broadcast a signal on which rescuers can home in.
The transmitter is activated (for 48 hours) by unscrewing a protective cap and pulling the antenna out fully. Over flat terrain or calm seas, the transmitter signal has a range of about 160Km (assuming the search aircraft is flying at an altitude of 6000m)."

NOTE: Battery Changes on the Breitling Emergency Watches should be performed by authorized AD as the battery change is quite complicated.



Product Specifications :

Model: Limited edition E56321 X of 1999
Production Year: Circa 2000
Case Material : Titanium
Movement: In house super-quartz plus specialty module
Bezel: Titanium, marked with cadinal point and bi-directional
Crystal: Anti reflective coating, Sapphire
Diameter: 43 mm
Thickness: 16 mm

Price : 3000$US (original MSRP around 26000$) with Paypal, can do E-transfer for Canadians Too

Price justification :

3100$US for the regular version fo this watch, mine's the limited edition and cheaper.

eBay 3200$US Once again, regular version, competitive price.

Cheapest Orbiter on ebay 5071$US after mine at 5000 CAD

Cheapest orbiter on Chrono24 3999$ Considering mine doesn't have extra links or the box, a 999$ discount for these missing is more than generous

Cheapest Orbiter, missing the titanium bracelet 3963$US

Condition : The watch went trough a thorough service 2 weeks ago from my watchmaker an experienced watchmaker in Montreal. The bracelet was given a very light polish, the case is untouched. All 3 batteries were changed at the same time. The lume is still holding up, but I haven't checked how long it lasts.

What's included : The watch, the bracelet and a Breitling Travel case. No extra links included, but it should accommodate a wrist up to 7.5 inches.


Shipping :

Free shipping in North American (continental).

Free overnight in Canada with purolator

Worldwide : I'll cover half of shipping

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