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FS: Casio MRG-100 G-Shock. , All functions work: EL light, alarm, cdt, chrono. It's almost 2 decades old, so there are the expected scratches and scrapes, and water resistance is untested, but the glass is clean (and domed!). Don't hold your breath waiting for Casio to reintroduce an all-digital all-metal G-Shock.

$150 USD Paypal, Canada and continental USA only, and I'll cover the shipping and Paypal fees. Or pay in the cryptocurrency Monero, and get a substantial discount: Eleven Monero takes it. I'll adjust this as the Monero/usd ratio changes. Or, if you are in Vancouver B.C. I'll meet you at a Starbucks, or Tim's.

Photos are taken on my friend's wrist, a very slim girl, so don't think this will fit huuuuge wrists, as these watches were meant for the JDM market.

Watch Digital clock Watch accessory Wrist Technology
Watch Watch accessory Digital clock Metal Material property
Watch Watch accessory Wrist Analog watch Fashion accessory
Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
Watch Fashion accessory Electronics Space Metal
Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Gadget Measuring instrument
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