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For sale is a very special and rare watch, the Chronoswiss Tora from the late 1990s, made with a new old stock Enicar movement from 1960s that was beautifully refinished by Gerd Lang’s company that was one of the most creative and meticulous watch manufacturers of the time.

It also happened to be my first “serious” watch, and it served me extremely well. Some called Chronoswiss designs a “poor man’s Breguet”, and you can see why. The watches, including this Tora, have beautifully finished coin-edge cases, silver dials, heat-blued hands and wonderfully unique movements that no other manufacturer in this price range had. This Tora was sold to me personally by Gerard Nijenbrinks in his shop in the Hague. You may know Gerard as one of regular contributors to Fratello watch blog.
Needless to say, I have always had a very emotional connection to this watch, and despite the fact that I haven’t worn it much lately, it has been hard to put it up for sale. But I finally decided to do it, so here it is.

A few words about the watch itself. The Tora is a stainless steel dual time-zome regulator-style timepiece, which, despite being over 20 years old, looks as good as new is one of my most accurate watches. I would give it TZ near-mint condition. It wears larger than its 38mm diameter due to the very thin bezel and a unique presence on the wrist. This is the rarer non-chrono version of the Tora, featuring the Enicar movement mentioned above, as opposed to the better-known Tora Chronograph with the more common 7750 ebauche. The watch comes with the aftermarket crocodile-embossed strap (pictured), along with the original black croc which has had quite a bit of wear but can still be used. Of course, the full set of papers and the beautiful walnut box are all included.

$2800 OBO shipped CONUS net to me, international shipping extra. Email [email protected].


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