No Trades, Please. CONUS only.

**This sale is for established WUS members (or other watch enthusiast sites) with feedback, please. I could waive this requirement if you're local (Northeast Ohio - Cleveland/Akron/Canton). There's been plenty of horror stories of scammers infiltrating this site & others, so I apologize in advance if I'm extra cautious.

Price via PayPal G&S: Asking $1,299 on OEM strap. I'll cover shipping, you pay PayPal 3% Fee. The black canvas Miltat strap w/ deployant clasp can be purchased for $40. The strap brand new from StrapCode is $90 shipped.

I'm selling my pride and joy - a super rare 42mm Corum Admirals Cup with a hammered finish style case. Full Set. Since purchasing this in early 2020, I've only seen one pop up on the market. So if you dig this style, you likely won't find it again anytime soon! This watch had a complete overhaul early this year from an authorized Corum service center and according to the paperwork, comes with a one year warranty.

Overall Condition: I babied this watch. Because the case has a hammered metal look to it, you can't really spot any scratches within the case, since there's already an intentional worn look to it. With that being said, I highly doubt I added many scratches to this case, but I'm sure some minimal ones are from me (it truly does add more character in this instance). The Crystal has INCREDIBLE AR coating. I personally think Corum's AR coating is superior in look than even Breitlings. Breitling has that neon-blue look, while Corum's is a milky blue, but very sharp. There are some hairline scratches in the AR coating. You CANNOT feel them by running your finger over it. They're hard to see at any normal distance and even harder to capture a photo of. I was able to capture the largest hairline AR crystal scratch under intense bright light (photo directly under bright lighting). The original Corum strap and buckle is in great shape and has a lot of life left - A replacement strap (although not needed) is $115 through Corum - and is still available - which i thought was quite a reasonably priced. As noted above, the black with white stitching miltat strap was purchased for $90 in May of 2022 and has only been worn a handful of times. It's not included in the price but can be added for $40

Accuracy: This was just serviced by an authorized dealer in 2022. I've been tracking it on and off for the last few months and I've routinely seen +/- 2 seconds per day. Depending on the position, I have seen +7 seconds per day. While your mileage may vary, you should see these times +/- a few seconds. All well within spec.

The Corum box is fantastic. It appears to be a beautifully stained solid wood. There's the standard interior wear on the leather pieces. These boxes alone sell for over $150 on eBay.

Please search my name for my extensive WUS feedback. Also active on eBay (PolskaPanzer) and Reddit (CreepyTeePee123) if further verification is desired.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need additional photos or whatever.

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