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Hello all,

For sale is my Damasko DC57. The watch is in perfect condition with no scratches on the case, crystal, or AR coating, and the timekeeping and chrono functions of the watch working just as you'd expect.

It does however need maintenance to fix what seems to be a lose rotor, which is preventing the movement from winding automatically during normal wear. If wound manually via the crown, the movement functions exactly as you'd expect it to. Continuous hand winding over a long period is probably not recommended, though.

I have owned this watch since 2015, and am the original owner. I have posted it for sale once before but ended up deciding to keep it at that time. As I haven't worn it since then, and haven't gotten around to sending it for repair, I'm realizing that perhaps I should just sell it after all. Hoping to do so before Christmas to have some extra money to spend on gifts and entertaining.

While I'm hesitant to give a specific quote for expected repair cost... Both Damasko's in house service department and Watchmann have suggested that from my description, they expect repair to be in the range of 65-150 USD, which would still make this an incredible deal for a buyer who doesn't mind taking care of the service after purchase. If you're in North America, Watchmann may be the best option as shipping will be cheaper and their turn around time is usually very good. They also have Damasko parts in house and in my experience have offered terrific communication.

I'm asking $900 + cost of shipping. My prefer method of payment would be PayPal with the buyer paying the fees.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to provide any more information you may require.

Thank you very much for your consideration!


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