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FS - Fortis Stratoliner LE 571.10.142 Lemania 5100 movement, fresh service by Archer

I have too many watches and too few wrists to keep all of them.

For sale I have my Fortis Stratoliner LE chronograph from the 90’s.

This watch uses the famous Lemania 5100 movement, and has been called the “Poor man’s Grail” in reference to the Omega 376.0822 which uses the same movement (relabeled the Omega 1045)

This watch is slightly smaller than a Speedmaster Professional at 39mm, but taller due to the automatic movement and additional clearance required for the additional center mounted chrono minute hand.

I'm not experienced at grading but I would say 90%. I will let the pictures do the talking on this one, macro pics will be added in the next couple of days, and let me know if you would like to see different shots of the watch.

I will sell it on the DiModell Carbon Chrono strap that I purchased it on. It is in excellent condition as I had the watch on an Isofrance the few times I wore it.

The watch has 20mm drilled lugs.

The watch had a nagging chrono second hand reset issue which was corrected by Al at Archer watches. He had the previous botched repair corrected. The post on the chrono second hand was improperly repaired. To maintain the integrity of the Mercedes LE logo on the hand, I decided not to replace it with a stock hand. Fortis did not have replacement LE hands available, but the repair is perfect in every way.

At the same time Al did a complete servicing on the watch, aside from polishing the case which I never have done. I have worn the watch a handful of times since it returned from service in December 2011. I will include the Archer Watches provided, highly detailed pdf file of the service to the future owner.

There is a small nick on the bezel at 9 o'clock, other than that in great shape.

The crystal has a nice subtle dome to it which is a real highlight of this model. It is perfect, replaced at a servicing by the previous owner.

The dial is very understated and very legible, even more so than the Speedmaster dials if I may be so bold.

I would like to start this one at $2000 and will entertain reasonable offers. I have references and will expect the same from prospective purchasers.

Local face to face transaction in Montreal is preferred, but I may also be convinced to ship the watch.

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