Grand Seiko

Heritage Collection - Spring Drive Automatic
aka the "Snowflake Dial"
Ref #: SBGA211

* Only months old *
* New style 5 Yr Warranty *

Asking: $4,830 all-in, including

2-3 Day Shipping w/
Full Insurance.

PayPal Only (w/references);
Fees now included in price.

Guaranteed to be totally unpolished,
Factory Grand Seiko Finish

Looking to deal only with established members
w/references for this one. Thanks for
your understanding.




• I ordered this Grand Seiko Snowflake brand new from my trusted AD, just a few months ago. I've worn it a dozen times, only around the house.

• It presents as 96%+ condition, with only a few lines and light wear marks on a couple of bracelet links. The clasp is like new, and the case itself is very clean. There might be some tiny faint lines on the polished bezel, but all brushed areas are immaculate.

• Guaranteed all-original factory Grand Seiko finish. It has never been touched-up. This watch has never been polished or touched-up or refinished in any way. All factory case lines, and Zaratsu polished surfaces, are 100% untouched. (Be aware, some used examples out there may have been refinished outside of the Grand Seiko factory, and no longer have the famed Zaraztsu polished mirror-like surfacing.)

• It looks and feels like a brand new watch, in real world conditions.

• This is one of the newest Snowflakes, with the full five year warranty, and the new style warranty card. They just started with the five year warranty, and new style warranty cards, very recently. (No more handwritten warranty booklet.)

• This watch comes as a complete kit, with all hang tags, booklets, cards, certificates, boxes, etc. It is missing nothing.

Please review the photos clearly, as they represent the actual condition of the watch very well.

• Please feel free to ask any questions, via PM here.

Please click on photos for full album with 15 photos:

What I am looking for, in potential trades:

• Seiko SLA039
• Seiko SLA033
• Seiko SLA023
• Tudor GMT Root Beer
• Tudor BB Pro
• Tudor BB Chrono - Panda or Reverse Panda
• ???


WUS member “Dixan” — References & Feedback

Additional Info:

• Please know that I stand by all of my deals. I have traded watches on this (and other) forums for over a decade, without one single unhappy buyer. I strive for a smooth and easy experience, as that is what I’d like to encounter, whenever I’m on the buying end. My good standing in this community means a lot to me, and I take being a part of this little enthusiast world, very seriously. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about this watch.

• I am choosing to deal only with established members here, on this one. Sorry, it's nothing personal, but I will make no exceptions this time. I was burned not long ago, and I won’t let that happen ever again. Thanks for your understanding. 🍻

• I have many solid references here, and I hope the same from you.

CONUS only for this one.

Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you, WUS.