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Crown and Buckle carries our own line of affordable leather, NATO, zulu, and silicone watch straps. We also carry accessories such as buckles in three finishes (brushed, polished, PVD), spring bar tools, and spring bars. To stay within the forum rules, we are posting 5 of our most popular leather straps. We have many, many more styles available on our web site.

You can visit our web site at to view our full collection of straps or purchase any of the straps you see below.

We ship worldwide. Domestic postage (Priority Mail) is $5.20, and international postage (Priority Mail) ranges between $12-14 depending on the destination country.

Watchuseek members can save 15% on their order by using the code watchuseek during the checkout process.

Benton - Coffee Brown Vintage Buffalo
A decidedly classic look, the Benton is made from a gorgeous vintage buffalo leather. Mostly an ashy brown, the buffalo has darker tones on the texture that add to the patina. The finish of this strap will break in beautifully and continue to look better with age. Matching brown stitching, with one sewn in and one floating keeper. A brushed Pre-V buckle completes the classic styling.

Available sizes:
20mm, 22mm, and 24mm - $34.00

Wilton - Black Nubuck
Wilton is a strap with panache. Black nubuck leather and a unique crossed rectangular stitching pattern set this strap apart. Nubuck leather has an extremely fine nap (similar in texture to suede). The black on black coloration lends this strap to versatility. One sewn in and one floating keeper, with a sewn in vintage GPF buckle.

Available sizes:
22mm and 24mm - $36.00

Cavallino - Roullie Calfskin
Our quintessential European strap. It begins with Italian calfskin leather. It is dyed in a French color (roullie, French for 'rust'). Its styling is British (think Bentley interior). Both off white and royal blue stitching adorns this strap. The leather has subtly embossed outlining. It is topped with one large floating keeper and a brushed Pre-V buckle.

Available sizes:
20mm, 22mm, and 24mm - $36.00

Habitue - Anthracite Calfskin
The Habitué blends traditional and modern styling to a pleasing effect. The shape is slightly tapered and contoured (padded), while the leather has been lightly shaved for a smooth, but still partially textured surface. The anthracite colored leather has a great looking matte finish. Off-white stitching gives a little contrast and really adds to the visual impact of this strap. It is finished off with one sewn in and one floating keeper, as well as a sewn in GPF-Mod Dep buckle. (18mm and 20mm versions have thumbnail buckles).

Available sizes:
18mm, 20mm, and 24mm - $29.00

Lotus - Light Brown Nubuck
The Lotus is one of our favorite and most popular straps. This light brown nubuck leather has an extremely fine nap (similar in texture to suede) and feels surprisingly soft to the touch. Fine embossed accents and off white stitching bring this strap to the next level. One sewn in and one floating keeper, with a polished thumbnail buckle.

Available sizes:
18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm - $32.00

Please visit our web site using the links above to make your purchase. You can view our entire collection of leather, NATO, zulu, and silicone straps by visiting our web site -

Contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for looking!
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