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Up for sale is mybeautiful LIMITED EDITION SUNBURST BLUE DIAL MACH 6 - 118 / 125 EVER MADE BYVSA 45mm timepiece in excellent condition. AD warranty cards andoriginal box included (inner and outer box set, hang tag, service booklet,manual, warranty cards, watch winder, etc.). The watch is currently sized foran extra-large 8.5 inch wrist w/added links.Best yet, thistimepiece has been upgraded with the stainless steel bracelet to ensure aperfect fit! This is a must haveupgrade and is a discountued item from Swiss Army so you will not find itanywhere!!! Original leather band also included.

If interested please don’t delay contacting me. CONUS shipping only.Respectfully firm as another will never hit the open market, let alone inexcellent condition from trusted selling source.

Interested parties are welcome to contact me. I’malso happy to meet in person if local. I am a loving WIS and have years oftransactions on The Rolex Forum and watchuseek under username westsiderkg, andebay (100% feedback 14+ years) with a flawless reputation. Happy watchhunting to all! :)

Asking $2250 OBO. Email: [email protected]. NO TRADES PLS.

To learn more about the very, very special watch please read thearticle below from my good friend, the watchhunter. Enjoy and hope to find this piece a greathome. It’s been my second go around withthe watch and I realize now I’ve enjoyed it all I can, time to allow someoneelse to enjoy it. Take care all…

Many Victorinox SwissArmy watch collectors might be surprised to learn that there was anotherlimited edition watch besides the Power Gauge LE in the Airboss Mach 6family of chronographs from the mid-2000s. Predictably, this other one wascalled the Airboss Mach 6 Limited Edition, and it is evenrarer than the Airboss Mach 6 PowerGauge. The former is seldomseen in the wild, and it’s almost never for sale. As luck would have it, I knowsomeone who owns one and was willing to share details about it. We’ll look atthis mythical watch using photos provided by an amazing Swiss Army watchcollector known online as Westsiderkg. I would like tothank Westsiderkg for his help and photos! This article would not have beenpossible without his contributions.

Theaforementioned 2008 Limited EditionAirboss Mach 6 Power Gauge Chronograph was the eye-catching model with a complex dial construction, gunmetal PVD case and a massive wristpresence. It is impossible to ignore once you see one. I was lucky enough toown that watch for a few years, but I sold it. I replaced it with a TudorPelagos LHD to comfort me in my sorrow. haha. I wrote a detailed article aboutit.

You might think that Iam using the term “rare watch” loosely, but I assure you that it is accurate.There were a total of 333 Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge LE watchesmade and only 125 Airboss Mach 6 LE watches (V.24848) made forVictorinox’s 125th Jubilee Celebration (unconfirmed). Those are worldwideproduction numbers spread across all markets of the globe so you may neverhave the chance to see one. The Airboss Mach 6 LE is so rare that Ihave only ever seen one for sale. That watch is the one featured in thisarticle so it is something special.

Before I built the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch IdentifierDatabase, I might have easilyoverlooked this limited edition watch as the standard issue blue AirbossMach 6. Arguably, the family of Airboss Mach 6 watches represents the highest level of design that the Airboss series has made to date. That is my personalopinion, and it might be considered a bold statement. I think that the AirbossMach 6 series is as collectible today as it was in the mid-2000s. Ibelieve that these tasteful pilot chronographs have stood the test of time andwill continue to do so as people rediscover them. While each Mach 6 looksunique, there is a strong family resemblance that binds them to one another.

At first glance, AirbossMach 6 LE (V.24848) could be mistaken for the other AirbossMach 6 (v. 241188.1) that also has a blue dial. For a long time,I did not realize the intricacies of the limited edition watch. The list ofdifferences is vast and Swiss Army’s watch designers did not take the simpleroute of just changing a few of the specs and calling it alimited edition. The photos below illustrate how the watch on the right ismore often seen on the internet and it is not great. In fact, you could easilypass it up without realizing what a stunning watch design it really is.

Many years later, Iwas emailing with Westsiderkg, who casually mentioned that he had aV.24848 in his excellent collection. Fireworks went off in my brain whenhe sent me photos of the Airboss Mach 6 LE sitting on hisdesk. When I recovered, I asked Westsiderkg where he got it. Heconfirmed it was the same watch that I had seen on eBay. Westsiderkg istenacious in his pursuit of collecting the rarest Victorinox Swiss Army watchesavailable so if he wants something, he’ll stop at nothing to get it. He chasedthe seller a bit and they worked out a deal. Obviously, Westsiderkg ismore patient than I am, and now has one of the coolest Swiss Army AirbossMach 6s around.

The dial on the AirbossMach 6 Limited Edition is unique amongst its siblings even if thehands, pushers, case, bezel, and straps are similar. While the “LE” ismore similar compared to the regular Mach 6s than the Power Gauge, it has aunique dial design worth examining closer. This model has standout featuresthat have never been seen on another Swiss Army chronograph. Specifically, twoof the three subdials are so oversized that they seem to fuse into one another.The co-joined subdials represent the 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers for thechronograph function. Watch designers sometimes visually link these subdials byusing colored hands, or background colors, but I cannot remember seeing anotherwatch that had the chrono subdials connected in this fashion except maybe aZenith El Primero. This is an interesting approach. Not only that, the datewindow is attached to this grouping.
The layered dialconstruction is a mystery. The top blue layer looks like an enamel that hassoftly beveled edges that is visibly thicker than the normal Airboss Mach 6dials. Is this enamel? Lacquer? Plastic? I really could not say, but the effectis a deep, lustrous blue dial with a sunburst effect that is unique amongstSwiss Army designs. There is not another watch in their catalog like it. Itmust look incredible when paired with the matte subdials and highly polishedhands and indices. I would love to see it in person one day.

Westsiderkg was able to confirm many of the differences ofthe Airboss Mach 6 Limited Edition compared to the regular AirbossMach 6. His eagle eyes picked out differences that are difficult to see inblurry internet photos and ones that I overlooked. Since I cannot improve hisobservations…

  • The tachymeter lettering engraved into the bezel is crisper. It is also a grey color as opposed to the off-white color on the standard model.
  • Circular hour indicators replace numerals at 3:00 and 6:00
  • Swiss Army logo only at 12:00 (early Mach 6s were like this too without Victorinox in the logo)
  • The dial itself appears raised, with a beveled edge around the three chronograph indicators
  • Upgraded Valjoux 7753 movement with blued screws and pearlage
  • Slightly different Limited Edition labeling on the case back
  • The watch band stitching seems a bit more grey than the standard stitching
  • The 9:00 running seconds subdial is lacking numbers
  • The 12-hour subdial at 6:00 is larger and connects to the date window and 30-minute subdial at 3:00
  • Lack of an automatic label at the 6:00 position
  • Indices in the 6 o’ clock position vary with fewer markers
  • All three chronograph subdials have a matte finish
  • Circular engraving and deeply embossed areas in each of the three subdials.
  • Lume appears to be slightly better than standard Mach 6. It looks hand filled to the brim.
More differences from the stock AirbossMach 6 Chronos are inside the watch. All Airboss Mach 6 Chronos arepowered by the venerable Valjoux 7753, but the limited editions feature a topexecution movement. This means it looks better with pearlage, blued screws anda custom rotor. It should have better accuracy, though that is not usuallysomething that Swiss Army discusses in their literature.

Iconsider it a rare treat to be in contact with some of the most seriousVictorinox Swiss Army watch collectors in the world. Scott, Randy, Brian, Stevoand a few others on the WatchUSeek forum really make it fun to collect thisbrand. As for this watch, my hunt will continue for the rare Airboss Mach 6Limited Edition. Finding one would be a feather in my cap, and it would bea prized jewel in my Victorinox Swiss Army collection. After seeing the photosup close, I think I want it even more.

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