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Recently acquired from a trade. Love the watch but I thought I can do a bit bigger.

Thus I'm looking for trade as well with its bigger version in either black or blue.

2017 watch. Clean from and back with no noticeable scratch or ding. Under lugs have mark from the bracelet which is completely normal. This smaller version doesn't come up often so here's your chance for a minty one.

Coming with wooden box, Omega microfiber pouch, mint bracelet. Bracelet currently sized for a 6.5in wrist with extra link (no screws in) that can go up to approx 7-7.25in. Missing cards.

Photos: Omega Midsize Ceramic SMP

Trade value: $2,650 (3,500 CAD net to me) or straight sale $2,500 (3,300 CAD net to me) + split shipping.

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