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Here for sale is a neat condition omega 396.0839 or 196.0052 (model numbers) Chrono-quartz, quite a rare bird as it is connected with the 1976 winter games in montreal.

Its a real eye catcher and quite a stunning watch (good or bad stunning you be the judge, but i like it, hence why i own it, for now :) )

This is fully working example, which apparently are far and few between, the time is set via the crown like normal, except the minute hand is changed by pushing the crown in, and the hours are jump hours, so the date is changed by jumping the hour hand 24 hours. The chrono is really quite good, its a little confuseing to begin with but you get used to it.

it starts and stops with the top pusher, the middle pusher is for 1/100ths of seconds, so when you timeing you click the middle button and it show 1/100ths of a second and then shows the minutes and seconds which go along with the 1/100ths seconds, it shows like that for five seconds and then adds five seconds and starts timing at the correct time, much the same happens for the split timer, where it shows you the time upon pressing the lap button for 7 seconds, and then jumps to a new continues timing session but 7 seconds in.

If you can follow all of that then i'm very impressed (especially with my quick typeing skills)

Anyway down to the crunch, i'm looking for £1250 but am open to offers, its just had two new batteries, and will come with a red omega travel case.

if you'd like anymore info or pictures please feel free to pm me.


Sorry about the pictures, i'm on lunch at work (yes on a Saturday :( ) so i'm stuck using the iphone and a desk lamp for lighting.

that said the pictures show the watch in a worse condition than it is in person, which isn't all bad, hopefully somone will be pleasntly surprised.

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