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Omega WWW on NATO

This WWW is in spectacular shape, as you can see... remarkable for a 60 year old WW II watch. It winds and sets smoothly and keeps accurate time for a watch of its age. The dial has a nice patina and the lume has aged gracefully. This is an outstanding example of one of the best RAF watches from WW II.

According to Omega, this watch was originally delivered to the RAF on June 20, 1945. The movement is authentic and from that time frame, but it was swapped at some time. This was not unusual for MoD at that time, i.e, to swap movements of watches for maintenance reasons. The dial, and hands all look perfectly matched and appear original.

I've had this Omega WWW since 2001. It was one of the first Mil watches I collected and I've been keeping it for sentimental reasons. However, when I realized I only wear it once a year or so, I came to the conclusion it should go to make room for something I would wear more often.

This WWW comes on a nice OD NATO strap. It's not the correct strap for 1945 (black leather would be the correct choice), but I really like the way it looks. The case is 45mm long (lug end to lug end ), 35 mm wide without crown, and 38.3 mm with crown. Overall thickness is 11.2 mm. The interlug space is 17.8mm but it easily takes n 18 mm strap. This WWW is a nice size, and much larger than most WW II era watches. This makes it eminently wearable by today's watch fashion standards.

This spectacular Omega WWW is offered for $595 shipped and insured in US. Overseas buyers should email me about any added costs. I accept non-cc PayPal without additional fees.

Photos are recent, and taken of the actual watch for sale:

My email and PayPal is:

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