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Belt Strap Finger Wood Fashion accessory

Beige Tan Yellow Brown Khaki

These are original 16mm straps from the 1940s/50s with rare bakelite buckles. These are a fantastic find. Something you probably thought you wouldn't see in this color and style, much less as NOS. Cotton is super soft like jeans, not rough like the Guss bands can be. These straps have never been worn. I have only the 6 shown available. They have 5 sizing holes. These bands measure 9 inches long including the buckle. Closed, on the second-to-last hole with enough tail to go through the brass keeper, there is 7 inches of wearable space and then the strap sizes down from there by 1 inch in small increments.

Tan Belt Strap Finger Fashion accessory

Belt Strap Buckle Khaki Tan

These rare bands are a product of their era. The stitching isn't perfect. Some of the tangs aren't centered or are a little tarnished, as are some of the brass strap hold-down keepers. There is some color fade. Perfect combination of original wabi for most of us.

It will be a long time before you ever see these again in New Old Stock.

The bands are $35 each plus $3.99 U.S. shipping/tracking.

Email me at [email protected] with questions or to confirm an order and a paypal coming to the same address. International buyers email for shipping details.

I have many references here.

Regards - Bill Mahoney
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