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For vintage Rolex Subs etc.. There is one on ebay for $325; really rare to find.

Quoting that guy since he perfectly described it: (except where I changed the part about the buckle)

This is the exact same band Rolex watch dealers would have put on your Rolex Submariner 5513 or Rolex GMT-Master as an original accessory all the way back in the 1960s and '70s if the customer wanted a dive band on it. The ideal original Swiss dive strap for your 20mm lug dive watch or perfect for a vintage chronograph watch. A super rare size and style Tropic Swiss band to find. This is a vintage NOS genuine Tropic dive strap made in Switzerland -- an authentic original Swiss Tropic band. These are long out of production and nearly impossible to find in 20mm perforated, much less never worn like this one. Seems unused, it was in the drawer for the past 40 years (hence the buckle mark on it where the buckle was on it but UNUSED - but this goes away over time). The Swiss ones are thicker and more pliable than the unsigned Tropic type. Signed on back Tropic 20mm Swiss Made Mod. Dep. with the reference number 22522. This 20mm straight-ends Tropic is sized to fit many wrists. Length measures a generous 8 1/8 inches long, with the pieces placed end to end, not counting the buckle. Metric measurements of the two pieces are 120mm/85mm. The sizing holes for the buckle's tang run all the way down the middle, making the band easier to size. At the longest, with the strap pieces together and the tang in the last hole, the strap is 7 1/2 inches long with the pieces closed together. You can size it all the way down to just 5 inches. Band is 5mm thick where it meets the watch and 2.6mm thick at the tail end. Nice pliable, soft rubber. Single sliding keeper. This 20mm Tropic band comes with the buckle signed INOX on back. Strap buckle end is 16mm if you want to substitute a vintage Heuer Omega Longines IWC or other vintage signed watch buckle.
My photos:

PRICE: BALLPARK $200 OBO paypalled and shipped.
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