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Auction link: Sanyo DW-2008 - Vintage LED watch, magnet setting, same as Pulsar P4!! (1976)

A rare gem from my collection: a Sanyo DW-2008 from 1976. This vintage LED watch is one of the most unique and valuable high-end models of the era, because its module was the same one of the Pulsar P4 series (Dress, BigTime and Executive), except for the lack of the Flick-of-the-Wrist feature.

In the late '70s, Sanyo built modules for Time Computer Inc., along with the rare version with green LED displays. The same module was also used by Ricoh for the rare Riquartz LED series, featuring unique jade buttons and always magnet setting. Sears and Roebuck used the modules for a very short period too. They were quickly dropped by other brands since it was too expensive to produce. The same watch was also exported to Poland and rebranded as Unitra-Warel DW-2008, before the watch would've been produced locally, with a non magnet-setting module.

Like Pulsars, this Sanyo has a light sensor, reed switches for the command button (bottom one) and date button (top one) and magnet setting (you can see the magnet in the last picture). It behaves exactly like a Pulsar. To set the time, put the magnet in H or M indentations for setting minutes and hours, and to set the date, press both buttons to set the day of the month and the AM/PM dot, and just the date button to set the month.

I like to call it the Pulsar in incognito! :)

The watch has the original bracelet including the compartment with the magnet in the clasp, and it's complete with all its links (it's pretty large at the wrist!). The mineral crystal is in good conditions as well, with no visible scratches. Very light scratches on the stainless steel case, almost invisible.

Don't wait and bid on this unique and valuable watch, they are very difficult to find and fetch at high prices.
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