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Up for consideration is my very special Seiko Sportura 7T86 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph in its box with books etc.
I purchased this when I owned the non perpetual calendar version because I loved the shape and style and just how damn comfy it was! But I ended up never wearing this one - I just wanted it to stay as mint as could be.
I even bought a spare case (and band) with the perpetual calendar ring which I was going to send away to be bead blasted but I really have too many projects happening and so I never had it done.

Anyway, its the fantastic original shape and size, oversized pushers and billeted crown that was only ever available for this case.
Really only worn about 4/5 times before being placed in its box with the crown pulled out to save battery, safely placed in my watch cabinet away from the elements.
Black TiC Tachy bezel Unmarked, band near mint with only a very minor swirl on the clasp. Of course, everything works as it should with all hands zeroing up perfectly.

Having to raise some funds for a watchmaking course, and I know i'll regret it but it really should be worn and im hoping it will go to someone who will appreciate it.
Ive not seen one of these available in used condition for a long time, can still buy one new online but theyre not cheap.

Will post worldwide with tracking numbers etc. Located in Australia so can price it accordingly if your in oz too.
Asking $300 US shipped but open to offers if reasonable.

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Ive got some good feedback on here from a purchase of a H2O Orca, and ive sold over $30K via ebay since 2007 with 100% positive feedback.
Im not in a rush to sell, but I wont leave these here if I dont get any response from people... Feel free to ask questions, more pics available on request, if I dont hear from you I wont know anyone is interested and it will be withdrawn!!

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Bump - I've decided to pull the trigger on something so this needs to go. If not here then it'll be on the bay.
Reduced to $250 for anyone quick enough..

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