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It is on its original bracelet, completing a rare find for this watch

The bracelet is set for my 7 inch wrist and there is one extra link available that would add about another 1/4 inch.

I bought this watch at a NAWCC meeting six months ago from a member that reported it had recently been serviced. I have always believed this watch to be perfect and just recently, a colleague with a sharper eye than mine pointed out that the red and blue rings on the bezel had little bits missing and that the GMT hand was not original. Both these minor short comings are clearly visible now that I am aware of them. And just now, as I am posting these pictures and examining them closely, I also see two small cracks on the sides of the crystal, down near where it meets the case. See both side views above.

The watch wears big and beautiful, the case and bracelet are of the highest order, the inner bezel rotates freely, it hacks, it keeps excellent time. Even with the imperfections noted, I would rate it at least a 75-80% on the strength of the condition of the case, movement and bracelet.

Now my dilemna, what to ask for it. I just checked the sales forum and E bay and found the following four listings: $169, $550, $299 and $499. They range from head only to after market bracelets and none of them exceed this one in appearance. I also found several sources for this inner bezel and the correct GMT hands, at fairly reasonable prices. I didn't notice any crystals for it. Seems that for a very reasonable cost, this watch can be made perfect and one of the finest examples out there.

Given all this, I am asking $235, shipped Conus and including Pay Pal fees. If you can present a convincing argument for my accepting less (or more! yeah, right)I will consider it.

Please submit offers and inquiries to me at [email protected].

Thanks for looking.
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