What is for sale here. Description and condition.

VERY rare in this condition like-new Seiko 7A28 Chronograph, aka the other “Speedmaster”. I will not bother you with what this watch is because there is plenty of info on the web. In a few words, this watch is AWESOME. This is a neo-vintage piece and hence WR is not guaranteed. This watch is exquisite. Pains me to sell it but reduction is reduction. NO marks on this watch except for a very small one that is in the photograph. Service history is unknown, but the watch has a new battery, and it performs its functions as it should. This is/was a one owner watch; I am the second one and used just at home. PLEASE see the pics please as they are part of the description. TZ 98% or higher for a VINTAGE piece. I have tried to take as many as necessary snaps to represent the watch, if you need more just please let me know. I am known for describing the watches worse than what they actually look, this above description is to be as accurate as my old eyes can tell, but the watch does look awesome. Cannot see a mark on the crystal. The watch is presented with its original and rare Speedmaster bracelet with all its complete links; links were never removed, never re-sized it. The chrono pusher are like new, the crown is like new, again pleas refer to the pictures. The insert is impeccable, and the bezel moves as it should, perfect !

PRICE: $899. $699

HUGE reduction, MUST SELL !!!! THIS IS NOS guys, c'man !

SHIPPING: Included in the price, and via USPS Priority Mail fully insured. International, you paid for shipping and I will follow your instructions.

PAYMENT: Zelle. Or bank wire transfer.

TRADES: NO trades**. Thank you very much for understanding.

REFERENCES: PLENTY of references. Lots in Timezone, TRF, WUS, Reddit, and eBay; and other references could be provided. I have been way too long in this hobby (cough, sickness, cough).

TRF: https://www.rolexforums.com/search.php?searchid=31783172'][URL='https://www.rolexforums.com/search.php?searchid=31783172WUS']https://www.rolexforums.com/search.php?searchid=31783172

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NOTE: I am not a dealer. I am a watch enthusiast guy that likes watches. I cannot finance. I do not provide a warranty. Not affiliated with Rolex or Tudor or any other watch brand at all. And I do love using emojis !

Questions? Please just ask !

Thank you very much WUS for the space, and for you for reading this ad.

Cheers, G.