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I hate to do this. :-( ..........

Offered for sale is a unique opportunity to own a highly collectible timepiece plus rare, unique accessories in NIB condition. This piece is no longer produced in this presentation- it's a piece of both horological and environmental history

Seiko Instruments: "Think the Earth" wn-1

PLUS many extras. NIB flawless condition - all of it - all boxes and instructions included.

Not that long ago someone had a brilliant idea.....

Create a "watch" that would give us a whole new perspective on time, our world, our universe...and each other

Conceived by Spaceport in Tokyo, Think the Earth "tells the time", and so it is a watch. But it also give us a view of our world from an other wordly or outerspace perspective, and so our planet becomes something to observe, or "watch"

Solid titanium construction, WR to 200m, 20mm lug OEM cloth strap (you can use any 20 mm strap with it = 2 piece zulus would work fine); quartz movement. The removable movement/timepiece is housed under a domed hardlex crystal.

The earth makes one counterclockwise revolution every 24 hours - the silver pointer (under Central America) marks this progression

You set the silver pointer at your spot on the globe. I live in GMT -5. The watch above shows 1400 hrs or 2:00 p.m. The minutes are calculated by the orange pointer which makes one full rotation per hour in a clockwise direction. Time below is: 2:12 p.m. But if you look anywhere in the world, you will also, at a glance know the time there. The time in Jerusalem is 10:12 pm; the time in Bombay is 12:12 a.m.

Also included is a flawless, polished Ti Mirror Bezel. The hours bezel easily twists off and the Mirror bezel twists on. I really appreciate using this bezel outside, as the clouds and trees, and even the photographer are reflected, and the earth is seen in a pool of floating objects in our world. Also looks awesome when used around candlelight.

But Think the Earth has a whole other dimension of experience! The earth timepiece module is removable from the Ti frame

Included in the original box are what the Japanese call "message cards". The earth is place in a cardboard frame(part of the original packaging), and different cards are placed in the frame. The original box displays the watch and cards horizontally: a few examples below: the earth as seen from the surface of the moon

In addition a SEPARATE SET of 22 Message cards-(created for the Think the Earth project) by chosen Japanese designers -- is included. This set of cards was only available by direct contact with Spaceport in Tokyo, and was not available to most markets. These message cards come in their own easel style display box

this enables vertical display and enjoyment of the timepiece and any of the message cards. Both sets of message cards are fully interchangable with both frames (i.e original box, or special message card set frame.)

There are an awful lot of ways to enjoy this "watch"


Sell for $575 shipped in CONUSA.

International sales welcome, but shipping will be calculated and extra.
PayPal is fine but add 2%. Prefer MO or cashiers check. Email me for availability.

Thank you for looking and THINK THE EARTH !! :-!
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