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This is a Brushed Linen White sunburst dial King Seiko nwatch. Works fine, a new battery installed recently. The fascinating fact is that the second-hand hits the markers all around spot on, a good number of high priced ETA swiss quartz watch fail to do that. The motto of these Seiko quartz watches from '70s was Precision which they highly showcase without any exception. At 50,000 yen to 60,000 these watches were still expensive than most of the luxury watches of that time, so they are really well made. The QC of Seiko was far ahead in that era. The slim, elegant case has sharp edges as well. This is a daily watch to use given the high accuracy. This watch is a beast under sunlight with its 3D effect. The single "roofed" dial marking indicates a single quartz crystal was used on this watch. This is a fully JDM or Japanese marketed watch. Comes with Japanese(Kanji) and English Day window and seiko signed bracelet. It is a minimalistic and a super clean watch overall.

$249 via Paypal without fees. Shipping FREE worldwide. I have a good number of feedbacks here. Knock me for more. These seikos are getting much rarer than before and prices are rising as well. I'd say this is a good investment watch as well, specially in this condition.
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Reference: 0853-8000
Case width: 36 mm. (without crown)
Lug to lug: 41 mm
Lug width: 18mm
Case thickness: 11 mm.

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