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This is my first sale here so really want to get it right and have a good start.

Up for grabs is a great condition Seiko mm300 I purchased from Higuchi in October 2016. I wore it occasionally on weekdays for office duty (usually on the wrist for a few days and back to the drawer for weeks). Bracelet was used a handful of times and it was adjusted by removing 2 links. The buckle has no "usual" desk diving marks but you can see some marks around the clasp mechanism.

The rubber strap was used most of the time and you can see some wear. An extra unused strap (Seiko DE39AZ) which as far as I know is the same as original strap but with rubber keeper is included.

I can't find any visible scratches around the case body. If you want more pictures I can take them. At the place where the end links meet the case body, there are some faint marks created by the end link (also reported by others here) and I'm sure they were there out of the box because the first thing I did was to swap out the bracelet.

I was extra careful about the bezel but still managed to create 2 small scratches near the lume pip. You should be able to see it in the first and second picture. Other than that the rest of the bezel should be scratch free.
For the purpose of the sale I roughly measured +7 seconds per day over 4 day measurement period starting from mostly wound. I think this is within the -10/+15 per day spec of 8L35 movement. I also contacted Higuchi and Katsu mentioned within the warranty period I can send it in for a free adjustment (paying shipping both ways). Of course I won't bother at this point.

You might notice the metal keeper is in a brushed finish and the original from factory is polished. I found the original showing too many scratches so I (now regrettably) used scotch pad to create the current brushed finish.

2 mostly unused extra rubber straps are also included:

1. Crafter Blue CB03 with a few slots trimmed for 6 3/4 inch wrist
2. ISOFRANE style strap from Obris Morgan

Everything in the photos below are of course included. Original tags, box, warranty card and manuals.

Priced to sell - $2050 USPS insured shipping and paypal fees included. CONUS only please.

IMG_20180910_234852.jpg IMG_20180908_102918.jpg IMG_20180910_234843.jpg IMG_20180910_234833.jpg IMG_20180908_103004.jpg IMG_20180908_103018.jpg IMG_20180908_103037.jpg IMG_20180908_103026.jpg IMG_20180908_103000.jpg IMG_20180908_103937.jpg IMG_20180908_103514.jpg IMG_20180908_103114.jpg IMG_20180908_103059.jpg IMG_20180910_221214.jpg

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