This item, is a BEAUTIFUL, SINN EZM 10, 44mm Titanium Chronograph

Product Details:

DIAPAL oil free escapement and central minute chronograph counter. NOTE: The XL-Titanium Tang buckle and Leather strap that come with this watch will fit an 8" wrist!

  • This watch is, As New, condition, lightly worn and has never been in the water.
  • The strap has been worn, but is in very good shape.
  • It comes with years left on the full 5 year warranty from Sinn, making this watch a great buy. The new owner will have an as new Sinn EZM 10 that is distinguishable from new!
  • Case diameter (mm): 44.0
  • Case thickness (mm): 15.6
  • Case back: Solid
  • Case metal: Titanium
  • Escapement: DIAPAL Nanotechnology
  • Dial color: Black
  • Tegimented: Fully
  • Winding: Automatic
  • Inert gas: Filled
  • Copper sulphate: Capsule
  • Manufacturer's limited warranty: 5 years
  • How do you take an incredible watch and make it even better?
  • This is the question that Sinn asked itself before designing the all-new EZM 10.
ASKING $6,300.00 US
Chronograph and Diver Trades will be considered: Omega, Chopard, Heuer, Rolex, IWC, i.e., Swiss watches or Vintage divers and chronographs.

Background and Design behind the manufacturer of this watch ~

What are the distinguishing features of a professional pilot's watch? Which aviation requirements does it need to fulfill? Which features are indispensable?

In order to provide answers to these questions and develop a universally accepted standard for pilot watch certification, Lothar Schmidt, CEO of Sinn, contacted the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, one of the most respected centers for aerospace technology, and work began on creating a catalog of technical and functional specifications which precisely describe the time measurement requirements during flight.

A watch must be functional, and thus it should be accurate, easy to operate, and have extreme legibility during both day and night. It must also be resistant to external stress, which includes the ability to withstand extreme pressure and temperature changes. This also includes resistance to shocks, vibrations, G-forces, impacts, water, and other aviation fluids.

Additionally, the role of a watch in aviation, much like in diving, boils down to safety where it functions as a reliable backup device in the event of a primary equipment failure. To this end, the watch must be resistant to magnetic fields while simultaneously avoiding any magnetic interference with the avionics in the aircraft. The watch must also avoid any glares or reflections that could dazzle the pilot, and have a comfortable form that attaches securely to the wrist

However, Sinn didn't want to make JUST a pilot's watch. They also wanted to make the most technologically advanced Mission Timer (EZM) to date, by including an extensive range of additional features.

To start, at the heart of this chronograph is the all new Sinn SZ-01 movement, which features a center-mounted 60-second stopwatch hand. This special technical feature yields two benefits first, 60 minutes are now counted in one sweep of the hand instead of the usual 30 minutes, and second, the minute stop scale covers the entire diameter of the dial meaning that the measured times can be read off immediately. Additionally, the chronograph hands are luminous, and thus perfectly visible even in the dark. This function is complemented by an all-new minute-ratcheting sapphire pilot's bezel, which allows for the numerals indices and main maker to all be lumed.

Also in use for the first time is a fully-tegimented case made entirely of high-strength titanium. The Tegiment process, Sinn's patented case-hardening technology, was previously available only to those watches which featured a stainless steel case, which is quite heavy in comparison to titanium. As a large watch, the EZM 10 would need to be light enough for daily wear, yet also tough enough to resist scratching in an often cramped and busy cockpit environment, and thus Tegimented titanium was introduced.

Other features include a 24-hour sub-dial, Sinn's Dehumidifying Technology to prevent moisture from entering the watch case, DIAPAL technology to provide an Oil-free escapement and extended (5 year) warranty coverage, and specialized oils to ensure reliable operation at temperatures from 45 C up to + 80 C.

The watch is pressure resistant to 20 bar, and features a black calf-leather strap with water-resistant backing and orange stitching.