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EDIT: All three sold. Thank you WUS and buyer!!

I'm an honest person, so these watches will come with full disclosure of their faults -- and some of my opinions about them, LOL. If you have any questions or would like clarification on something, just ask. I'll tell you.

The Fossil is kind of beat up, but it JUST came back from the Fossil service center this week and has a new movement in it (The top chrono subdial was only spinning for like 10 secs and then would function intermittently - its all fixed now). So, hopefully that's peace of mind. I have no idea if they test the WR, so keep this in mind. Its rated to 200m and has a screw down crown though. Its going on 10 years old, so the body shows the patina of the use its had. I used to wear this every day for several years and it was my only watch. Titanium certainly shows when it scratches. The watch itself is very light though, and almost disappears on the wrist with the NATO. It will come with the original titanium bracelet and a gray and black striped NATO. The NATO is brand new from crown and buckle (11 inches long). I've worn the watch a handful of times with the NATO, less than 10 times total. I hate the bracelet, so I tried this NATO in the hope that it would make me want to wear this thing, but alas, I just wear my Pulsar when I want a beater, so it might as well go. I just want to make back the 8.50 I spent on sending it off to be fixed and the 10 I spent on the NATO. Its worth mentioning that the lugs of this watch are 20mm and I mistakenly got an 18mm NATO, but meh, since this was a beater watch, I didn't care. Looks fine to me. You be the judge. Asking 20 bucks. Pics:

The Orient is in almost perfect condition. The only blemish is around the 4 o'clock position on the bezel from contact with a stone tile (whoops) which actually happened while I was taking pics for this posting (facepalm). I guess it could be polished a bit, if you care (see pic -- its not that bad). I have taken the strap off and put it on another watch to see how it would look, but this watch has literally sat in the watch box and never been worn; the strap has maybe 24 hours of wear and usually sits snug around a watch box pillow to give it its curved shape. The watch still has the plastic on the front crystal so its literally flawless under the plastic. Keeps great time off the wrist, LOL. Orient claims they sell this watch for 140 bucks, but it feels like a 35 dollar watch to me. I wish I had gotten the one with the gold tone body and brown strap...then I'd actually wear it. For some reason I'm just really put off by how cheap the dial looks. Applied indices only for me from now on...yours for 10 bucks. Pics:

Finally, we have a Mio Sport heart rate monitor watch. This thing looks kind of rough, but it works great. Pulse is taken by using two fingers instead of a remote monitor strapped to your chest, so really nice if you don't like the bulk of chest monitors. Other functions are: day/date/year, stopwatch, alarm, hourly chime, backlight (blue - if you care). You can also input your weight, gender and resting heart rate and it will tell you how close you are (in %) to your max recommended heart rate when working out. I just replaced the battery in this thing about a month ago, so its good to go. Downside: its only 10m WR (30 ft). 10 bucks and its yours. Pics:

Please, please help me clean out my watch box....I beg you.
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