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Recived this yesterday, great watch but has more features than I need:-s
Watch was originally sold in the USA but is now in the UK.
Asking £190. + postage (£5. UK) Paypal +4%

The Suunto X9Mi Military is designed specifically for military professionals looking for the ultimate field watch.



Current altitude
Resolution 1 m/3 ft
Vertical speed
Display range -500 m to +9,000 m/-1,500 ft to +29,500 ft
Total ascent/descent and higest/lowest altitude, in recorded logs
Altitude alarm function

Display range 300-1,100 hPa/8.90-32.40 inHg
Graphical display of pressure trends for last 6 hours
Stores barometric pressure data for last 7 days/168 hours
Absolute barometric pressure at the current location
Barometric pressure at sea level
Resolution 1 hPa/0.05 inHg

Display range -20°C to +60°C/-5°F to +140°F
Stores temperaure data for last 7 days/168 hours
Resolution 1°C/1°F

Bearing lock mode (toward a set bearing or a GPS waypoint)
Tilt compensated
Simultaneous bearing tracking, altitude or time display with bearing/compass rose
Bearing display in degrees and cardinal points
Resolution 1°

GPS/Navigation Mode

Resolution 1 m/3 ft
12 channels
Integrated loop antenna
Programmable alarm points
Distance from current location to final waypoint
Estimated travel time to next waypoint based on current speed
Estimated travel time to destination based on current speed
Estimated arrival time at final waypoint in route based on current speed
Altitude difference between current location and next waypoint
Total amount of ascent from the current location to the final waypoint
Current speed
Heading in degrees
Deviation from course (left/right)
Track back function activates navigation along recorded track back to starting location


50 routes (each route can include up to 50 points)
500 waypoints
25 log files
25 tracks (8,000 track points)

Suunto Trek PC Software/

Adapter: Serial port to Suunto wristop connection, automatic detection of connection, wristop automatically enters transfer mode
System Requirements: Min CPU speed 350 Mhz/64 MB of RAM/30 MB available hard-disk space/Microsoft Windows 98/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
Tracks: View tracks on a map or a list of track points, edit track-related information, store tracks in folders and upload tracks to
Routes: Create, edit and view routes on a map, store routes in folders and upload routes to Suunto X9 or
Waypoints: Add, edit and view your own waypoints. You can also download these from
Settings: Edit the Suunto X9i settings and clear the Suunto X9i memory to make room for new data
Maps: Compatible with digital mapping services worldwide such as Google Earth and National Geographic TOPO! in the United States Upload logs, link logs with places they were recorded, compare results, share experiences, organise virtual competitions


12/24 hour clock
Time/date auto-sync option via GPS
Dual time display
3 daily alarms
Stopwatch with up to 29 split times, 20 hour max

Further Features

Red backlight for safe use at night
Water resistance to 100 m/330 ft
Size: 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.67 in/56 x 56 x 17 mm
Weight: 76 g/2.68 oz
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C/-5°F to +140°F
Storage temperature: -30°C to +60°C/-22°F to +140°F
Rechargeable battery (500 charges, factory replaced)
Daily sunrise/sunset times
Adjustable backlight
Adjustable display contrast
Mineral crystal glass
USB charger and PC connector

Suunto Watch Face Specification

Thickness: 1.86 cm
Casing diameter: 5.2 cm

A guide to how some of the features can be used; X9i Achieving Maximum Performance.htm

Would consider trades, prefer T-SAR or something similar but try me!:-!

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