Introduced last year, this watch is gorgeous....the blue fade dial canNOT be captured with my poor photo skills, so for professional picts and a tech description, I refer you, gentle reader, to the Longines website:

The watch was originally bought by a guy (from East Coast AD) who deployed without wearing it. A year later he put it up for sale and so...I am the second owner. I wore the watch for 3 days and realized it was too small (I prefer 44-45mm). It shows zero sign of wearing. Case, etc are completely clean. It could easily pass for NIB, but...I have worn it so labeling it as LNIB.

Watch comes in its orignal (really honking large) box with tags, papers, booklet, etc. Box etc in like new condition. Mailing this sucker is going to be expensive.

Price is $1500 OBRO CONUS only, no trades. Thanks for reading.