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This is an ultra rare Universal geneve manual wind watch with an Enamel dial. Issued to Italian Railways FS "Ferrovie dello Stato". Breguet numerals make it a perfect dress watch. The watch is in great condition. The movement has been cleaned, oiled, and SERVICED by a master watchmaker, it's keeping excellent time. Running flawlessly. The accuracy has been tested by a timegrapher. It has a high quality In house movement. Ready to be used as a daily driver. In the era of inflated prices of modern sports watches, this is a bargain. Feels like a glove on wrist. Comes with a ahdnmade epsom blue leather strap. Movement is in great condition, signs that it has been maintained very well. This is a beast under sunlight. Looks better upfront, pictures don’t do justice to this masterpiece. Signedcrown. Great investment piece, specially in this condition.

(Something extraordinary. Up until 1960s Longines and Zenith held a monopoly on all railroad watches for the official Italian railways. As UG (Universal Geneve) became the groundbreaking brand for robust and ultra precise mechanical watches in the 50s and early 60s with watches like S.A.S polerouters and gmt compax as well as the innovative compressor cases , the Italian government had a clear choice to pick their new Railroad watch , in comes the FS "Ferrovie dello Stato"
Not just the first Universal Geneve railroad , but it was the very first time the Italian Railroads used a wristwatch before this it was only pocket watches.
It has an unusually large balance in house movement for extra accuracy that makes up for nearly 1/3rd of the movement plate.
The enamel dial is super unique and the pictures don't do justice. Where as most of the time enamel is easier when flat and hand painted , this dial features a incredible raised lacquered numerals on top of the dial which is enamel , a world's first.
The caseback has the FS engraving for the Italian railways and these watches were never sold to the public. At a time when all Omega and Rolex did was put a dial signature or caseback stamp , it was extremely refreshing for UG to come up with a entirely new watch from the ground up for the Italian railroad when commissioned.)

Asking $799 via Paypal without fees. Shipping FREE worldwide. 5 day delivery. Considering that a 350 USD worth of service to the watch has been done alone, I'm asking a very low price. I have a couple of feedbacks here. Knock me for more. This is a collector level watch and a good investment watch as well, specially in this condition.
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Reference: 864 107
Case width: 36 mm (without crown), wears like a 38 mm due to long lugs
Lug to Lug: 41 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Lug width: 20 mm

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Watch Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XdkBT2A