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Hi All,

i'd like to now offer my small book project to anyone interested. Again thanks to eveyone who contributed - without your help this project would have never come to fruition ! A special thanks to Ian P. and Tim M. for the countless emails and questions they put up with ... i can't thank you both enough.

A Photographic Reference of Military Timepieces

From the early days of the bi-plane to the modern era of nuclear submarines, from dive watch to cockpit clock, the history of the military timepiece is recounted here with an abundance of images.​

The book reviews the following watches:

Field Watches:

WWI Waltham Wristlet
Tissot Signal Corps. Wristlet
Pershing dial Elgin Wristlet
Glycine DH
Kriegsmarine Siegerin
British ATPs
British WWWs
Longines COSD
Longines Buships
US Army Omega
USMC Hamilton
Smiths W10
Longines M.N.
Hamilton G-10
Rhodesian Roamer Anfibio
Swedish Candino
SandY 490

Dive Watches:

Panerai 3646
Panerai GPF 2/56
Hamilton Canteen
Elgin Canteen
IDF Kontiki - 1960s
IDF Kontiki - 1970s
RN Omega 300
Tornek Rayville
BUND Blancpain FF
Polish Blancpain FF
RN Rolex 5517
M.N. Tudor
Benrus Type I / II
RAN Certina
RAN Droz
MN Auricoste
MN Beuchat
RN CWC diver
MN Rolex
RN Precista
RN Precista (asymmetrical case)
East German Rhula
MN G-Shock

Aviation Watches:

A-7 Avigation
6B/159 RAF
Czech Longines
Luftwaffe Hanhart
RCAF Waltham
Seikosha pilots
RAF Weems
A-11 - White dials
A-11 Black dials
A-11 RAF examples
Swedish Lemania Tg195
Swedish Lemania
Russian Sturmanskie
Czech Lemania
Czech Eterna
RAF ‘53 Omega
Dodane Type 21
Hamilton FAPD
Heuer BUND
Hanhart BUND (‘50s)
RCAF Lemania
RN Lemania
RAF Lemania one-button
Smiths Deluxe
IAF Zenith
Junghaus BUND
RAAF Lemania
RAF Hamilton Chronograph
Tutima BUND
RAF Seiko
Soviet AF Shturmanskie
80's Marathon GG-W-113
Adanac Navigator
SandY 660
SandY 650
Iraqi Navitimers

Pocket Watches, Clocks, and Timers:

Corps of Eng Vacheron
IAF Octidi
RFC Mark V
RCN Elgin
Omega GSTP
Kriegsmarine Stowa
Agassiz GCT
Hamilton Model 22
Hamilton GCT
Hamilton Model 23
Luftwaffe Junghans clock
RAF Smiths Spitfire clock
*AN-C-62 USAAF clock
A-11 cockpit clock
RN Lemania split-timer
MN Auricoste deck watch

Reference Material:

A photographic list of other books covering this subject; 17 titles.

156 pages / 321 color images / 103 timepieces reviewed.

Many thanks to all who contributed (photographs, time, advice, editing, etc.) - without which this project would have never come to fruition.
The concept of this project has always been a cross between the MWR calendar and Ziggy's ; not to be compared to Ziggy's, Knirim's, or Whitney's ! The following examples are provided to give a better idea of how the book is formatted:

The book comes in three different cover options - softcover, hardcover with dust jacket, and image wrap (this option is hardcover with images printed directly on the cover, much like a school textbook). Please note that the softcover and image wrap options will not include the cover "wings".

Please follow the link to purchase a copy:

If you have any quesions please feel free to contact me via PM - Thanks for looking and Kind Regards,

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