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FSOT - Affordables! Cheap, cheerful, unique, super fun additions to your collection!!!

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Hello Watch Fam!

Thank you for your interest in my post.

I have 3 unique, fun time pieces for trade/sale. They are in great condition and have been worn maybe one or two times before being put into the watch box.
I would prefer to trade all of these for one watch + cash from my end but am also open to selling them together or separately. The watches are currently located in Indonesia and shipping from here is very expensive. If you buy two or more from me, I will eat the cost of shipping but if you want only one from the list, then I will have to add on the cost of shipping to the listed price ($50). Happy to negotiate.

Some summary rules / guidelines for transactions;
  • I am primarily interested in making a trade for all of the listed watches for one watch (willing to add cash towards the trade from my end)
  • However, I am not looking to trade multiple (or even one watch) for multiple or more than one watches. I am trying to clear up the watch box not fill it up with more watches
  • As far as preferred trades are concerned, I am willing to consider anything, any brand, any material, etc. Completely open minded, let's see what you got. But do not try to over inflate the value of your trade and screw with me please.
  • Willing to sell these watches, but would prefer to sell all (or most) of them together
  • These are literally giveaway prices in the interest of having someone pick up all of these watches. But, I am willing to negotiate.
  • Selling / Trade prices are same and listed against each watch below
  • Transaction will be through paypal only. Paypal only, once again, only paypal. No other methods please
  • I like to keep things simple - so I will take care of the paypal charges and shipping charges. You will only pay for the numbers listed in this post (selling price, not reference number, duh!). However, if you are desperate for one particular watch and that watch only, then I will have to charge you the shipping cost of getting it to you
  • I will check feedback that you have on this group. If you are extremely new and I am the first (or among the first few) person(s) you are going to transact with, lets chat in the DMs to figure out a way to protect both stakeholders
  • If we are talking about a trade, remember that I ask a ton of questions so please be patient
  • Will ship globally but I am only responsible for shipping it out to you. Remember that customs in some countries are a pain in the a$$. That is not an issue I can deal with so I request you to do your homework please (For e.g., I have no idea how much customs for Transylvania will cost. Shipping to India, Canada will incur huge customs duties. US is sorta iffy but mostly ok, hope you get the drift)
  • Will sanitize the package and ship via EMS + tracking
  • All watches come from a virus-free home
In case you have more questions, please feel free to ask. I am happy to answer all of them but only on group DMs.

Total no. of watches - 3
Total Trade Value - $500 (negotiable)

Now without further ado, onto the beautiful watches themselves. Make sure to scroll to the end and please excuse the lighting, smudges, dust, angles, etc;

1. Timex X Beams Mickey Mouse

  • Price - $100
  • Quartz
  • Very good condition, no dings, scuffs
  • Shiny surfaces may show some swirls
  • Working as expected
  • Comes with all boxes / papers
2. Movement in Motion ANA-DIGI TEMP FIGURE (Gold & Gun Metal, Citizen Homage, All Steel!)

  • Price - $200
  • Quartz
  • Very good condition, no dings, scuffs
  • Shiny surfaces may show some swirls
  • Working as expected
  • Will have to search for the box, else will include a generic box with this watch
3. Shinola Runwell Quartz 39mm

  • Price - $200
  • Quartz
  • Used condition - No dings, but minor scuffs and shiny surfaces may show some swirls
  • Working as expected
  • Comes with generic box
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