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Function with Style
by Morten Linde:

This is super hot news. Jaguar just announced last Friday that they going to turn its beautiful concept hybrid supercar, the C-X75, into reality. They are building 250 units, including 200 roadcars, in association with Williams F1 who will provide their engineering expertise.

Porsche may have beaten everyone as the first to confirm putting a hybrid supercar, its 918, into production barely a couple of months ago. But to put things into perspective, all the hybrid cars that have ever come on the road in the past 15 years are meant to be practical. They are people carriers. You have to admit that they will never rock your world.

So, it is exciting and inspiring that such a prestigious car maker as Jaguar is following Porsche to start the ball rolling on the energy-efficient super vehicle that is sexy, and that has drama. Now you have something that combines function with style. Just how we like it. Exactly The Idea of LW. And it is easy to draw a parallel when it comes to the low quantity and collaborating with the specialists.

But what I marvel the most is the correctness of creating something practical with energy efficiency in mind. The car industry still has a long way to go. Whereas mechanical watches, by nature, are highly crafted items that, if built and maintained well, are supposed to last forever by energy generated naturally through physics without causing environmental issues or wastage.

We are very open about the inspirations we took from racing cars for the SpidoSpeed. Some are tangible. Some are just from the thought and design processes. The obvious feature is the drilled-out case design and its weight reduction technology. A few lesser known features are not hard to see when we illustrate them together.

Of course we don't want to lay out everything for you to see. The point is for you to still find something interesting in your LW, after owning it 15, 20 years from now. When you get to pick up a SpidoSpeed, I hope you will enjoy discovering the inspired features.

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