FS for parts and/or box + papers is my G-Shock GA-1000. To be clear, this watch is non-functioning and water damaged.

This was a regular part of my rotation for years until the batteries died. Took it in to get the batteries replaced, but neither me nor the jeweler considered the gaskets or seals. :eek:
Took it swimming, and watched it sputter and die, so this bad boy drowned, and I'm sure the interior is gnarly. Painful little lesson.

I was about to toss it away, but I found the box + papers, including unused warranty card, hang tag, and manual. It was also in really good shape before the water damage, so I thought perhaps the band or the case could have value to someone. Maybe even some other parts that I'm not thinking of.

Anyway, am putting this up here to see if it can be of any use to anyone, otherwise it will continue on its way to the great watch graveyard in the sky. I have feedback on WUS, and more on eBay, and DM me if you have any questions.