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G-Shock Square G-5600E
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Recently I asked this forum for help to reset the time on my G-Shock. I'm happy to say that I found the answer.

The Challenge: I was using the H.Set feature (entered from the A button at the top left of the watch) to correct the time. When I finished setting, I pressed the A button again to preserve the setting and much to my amazement (and annoyance), the hands moved to a different time than what I had set.

The Solution: As per the user manual here: Reset your local time using the ADJ function and if the minute and hour hands move to the wrong time, enter the H.Set feature and reset local time using the procedure shown in the manual.

When you press the A button to store the time you have set (your local time), if the hands move, record how much forward or backward they have moved eg, 1h 15m forward.

Using the H.Set again, set the time 1h 15m earlier than the local time you wish to set. When you press the A button to end the procedure, the hour hands will move 1h 15m forward which will then be the time you want. It worked for me and it will work for you.

Hope this saves some of you pulling out your hair, kicking the cat, or throwing your G-Shock in the bin.

Happy days!
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