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I own a G-Shock GW3000BB, a model with resin band. The resin band is broken and I want to replace it. I could acquire a genuine Casio replacement band for this model. Howver I do not know *how* to replace it, and I was looking for some info on this (pictures would be supercool).

Is there anything I need to consider? O is it just unscrew? I do not know how the screws exactly hold the band. Is there any special screwdriver(s) which I need? How can I know that I buy the right screwdriver(s)?

I found this thread (GW-3000 resin to bracelet change, which I thought could be very helpful, as the original poster included many pictures, but these pictures seem to be offline. Or at least I can not see them.

[EDIT] P.S.: I also sometimes read something about a "spring bar removal tool", do I need this as well?
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