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Hi Shockers,

There are some seriously great reviews on this site. This may not be one of 'em, but here's to trying! b-)

My first G-Shock of any kind, the GWA1000-1A.

Previous to this Aviator, I've been a long time fan (20years??) of the Timex Ironman series, culminating in the Heart Rate monitors.
They worked flawlessly for me, under extreme conditions that toasted many previous watches.
Unfortunately (for Timex) their use of non-replaceable wrist bands on my last model rendered an otherwise practical HRM useless.
So much for the past.

While looking for a replacement, I came across G-Shocks, and this site.
I ravenously devoured all I could here, and became undecided between the GWA1000 and the GWA1100.
The 1100 with it's compass was very tempting; beautiful, substantial, easy to read, and tough-set-it-and-forget-it.
I have a compass enabled beater (Timex Expedition #820), but the font's too small for my eyes, and therefore not suitable for my daily use.
The 1100 has a "busier" dial than the 1000, and I'm a believer in the "less is more" theorem of instantaneously recognisable information.
The 1000 has a much better dial, visually, to me, and is just as wonderful as the 1100 by any other measurement, for about $200 less.
Trigger pulled!

The watch weighs in with a resin band at 85gr. but it feels quite light on my 7.5" wrist.
With a case height of 16.4mm, it is high enough to keep cuffs back, allowing light to keep the solar panel in the light.
I don't often wear long-sleeved shirts with button cuffs, so no problemo gringo...
Cut to the chase:

BIG presence on the wrist. Serious "bling".
Easy to read, if you're old enough to know analog. :roll:
Easy functions with the "smart access" function.
Functional, practical lume (NeoBrite) on all but the second hand. No power consumption/battery concerns. No night blinding LED.

The thermometer is pretty goofy. It reads about 7 degrees high on the wrist. The manual says to remove the watch 20-30 min. prior to measurement. Ya, right...
UPDATE: The lume on the hour and minute hands needs a "recharge" (20-30 seconds) each night in order to last the whole night. The lack of luminence on the second hand, day and mode indicator hands means the watch is pretty much useless as a stopwatch or countdown timer after dark.
It's not free. :-d

I was concerned at first, this being my first "atomic", that I would have difficulty getting a time signal.
I'm 2170 km from Ft.Collins.
After two unsuccessful nights trying different window orientations off my wrist, I finally found success with an east facing window in a hallway.
After several succesful nightly signal acquisitions, I forgot to place the watch one night, and wore it to bed.
Yup, signal update successful!
It has now updated for 29 of 31 nights, both on and off the wrist. (The two times it failed, the night sky was very overcast, which may have blocked the signal).
I've no clue as to the state of battery charge, as there's no guage. The second hand will move every two seconds on low battery, and so far it's not done that.

I haven't many pics, but if there's something you want, or some info I missed, gimme a shout.

In the end, the GWA1000 is a watch I can honestly recommend. It could be the last watch I'll ever need.

But those Rangemen are alluring, aren't they...;-)
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Thanks for the review! Have the red version myself and fully agree with your review. |>
My guess, it won't be your last one, I am waiting for the blue one and a 1100 (green) right now. Both versions (
1000 and 1100) are just great.

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Beauty of a watch. Good review as well! Did you find a good deal on the watch (if so where)?

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Did you find a good deal on the watch (if so where)?

The watch is working flawlessly, syncing nightly (on my wrist), and charging unfailingly with "wear-it-anywhere" functionality.
I take pleasure in the fact that I can quickly and accurately see the time with my "shortening" arms. :roll:
Worn daily, the finish both on the bezel and face remain unmarked despite repeated clunkage.
I've slept through several time alarms; the feeble bleat of the chime needs to be updated to a digital-audio female
saying, "Honey, I'm "late"...o|
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