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Whats up guys, I havent been back here in a while, but that doesnt mean I've stopped collecting Gs!

I recently picked up an 8400 Stargate that had no band. I was planning on refurbing it and adding it to my collection. Ive started disassembling it, but ran into an issue as soon as I opened up the caseback.

Usually I find a round rubber disk that covers the module as soon as the caseback is lifted off. But when I took it off on this one, there was no rubber disk. Im wondering if theres a place to source these or can i make one myself? or maybe someones got a spare?

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance...

pics of what i got (DW8400d-2)
IMG_8863.JPG IMG_8865.JPG IMG_8866.JPG
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