Nick Clements is a veteran photographer and publisher of Men’s File magazine. He also runs The Curator , a clothing store and café in Totnes, Devon specializing in re-creating classic men’s clothing styles of the 40s and 50s.

When Nick was invited to collaborate with G-SHOCK, he decided on creating high quality Cordovan watch straps for the brand, taking the idea that both the watch and the strap are required to be extremely durable and hard wearing.  Using the tagline 'Tough as old boots', the watch features a Cordovan leather strap and specially made leather carry case both created by leather artist Cody Jepson. The watch and case comes enclosed in a wooden box designed by Owen Nye and Simon Hampshire of the Workshop Collaborative .

As a result of all the rich premium cordovan leather and the handmade wooden presentation box, the watches cost £500 (US$808) each and are available as a UK only release.


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