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G1100B-1ADR..just got it..what do you think?

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I just pulled the trigger on this one. I really wanted the GW2000 before it disappeared. I stumbled across this one on Amazon.
It looks really similar. I was debating between this and the gw2500. I think I like the look of this one better being all analog. What do you guys think about this one? Anybody have any experience with it? Would the bracelet from the GW-2500 fit this watch?
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didn't 'Jeff C' have one of those? I think the straps should be interchangeable. This one is just the non-atomic version of the GW-2000 - the case should be the same. Btw - there are still plenty of GW-2000s in Europe:
This is the cheapest I could find:
But why not take the GW-2500? I like it a lot - it's everything the GW-2000 wasn't (at least for me) - analogue yet still all the bells and whistles (quick response, 4 alarms + snooze, LED-illumination). However the GW-2000 looks really good and has a 24hr timer (GW-2500 only 60min but with auto-repeat for up to 8 times).

Greetings, Sedi :)
I really do like the overall look of the 2500 as well as it being solar atomic. I had an ana-digital before and I ended up selling it because I hated how the hands blocked the displays. It ended up driving me nuts. I prefer the negative display and metal band on the 2500BD-1a much more than the other. This one(G1100) was 100 bucks cheaper in the end. I did look at the GW2000's on Tiktox. After doing the math I would have ended up spending $368 for it. Not worth that much. We shall see. Hopefully I like it.
Like it and similarish to my new addition - GS1100 Giez.

I have full digi, an ana digi and now a fully ana and prefer the latter.

No good for loads of functions though - my fully digi G Cool still does everything AND the light is bright enough to be used as an emergency mini torch!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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