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Watchuseek met Pasquel Gangi, mastermind behind the rock n’ roll meets steampunk pocket watches. These pocket watches are worthy of ZZ Top checking time while riding on their Harleys. In fact, Gangi himself could pass for one of the ZZ Top. The pocket watch project came to fruition after five years of research and developing in his workshop.


As a veteran of the watch industry, Ganji worked with other artists to develop new ideas. He worked with Alexandra Kosteniuk, Russian chess Grandmaster and a former Women's World Chess Champion, to develop a chess game pocket clock called Scacco Matto GMT3!. It can be worn as pocket watch and it functions as three different clocks (you can set to 3 time zones). But while playing chess, each player can tap on the push button on top to time the move. It comes in a titanium case and has 5 days power reserve (x3 if you count three movements).


Gangi’s other pocket watches include an X-Treme tourbillon with red stripes resembling an American flag. He is thinking of several future projects including a half digital and half analog pocket watch which can open the owner’s car with a compatible technology. He said this watch will be ready this year.
Gangi has a good tie-in with independent brand marketing and sales, his star is on the rise.

Visit Gangi website
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