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Greetings from steve in Florida USA. I havent written a watch review in 3 years so I'm a bit rusty. I took a hiatus from watches for awhile, I used to go under the handle of 'ponycarp51' for you old timers.

Well, received this G shock today and I like it alot.
I'll bypass the redundancy of all the features, you can see these in detail on the youtube review
by fwupow. The specs and features are well covered there. My unique observations are as follows:

My GD100, made in China came with outer cardboard box and inner tin, manual, and tags. Suggested retail $89.95. It was purchased from a NY seller on the well known auction site for $64.95 shipped. I examined the watch under magnification, I can say that the fit finish and cosmetics are on par with the lion's share of Thai or Malaysian G's, so at least on the surface, the chinese stigma (if there really is one?) avoids this watch. The displays are fine, I have 50-something year old eyes and even without my #200 reading glasses the time display is easy to see. The day and date take more effort though, especially in low or no night conditions where you need the LED turned on. BTW, the LED lighting is a real blowtorch. Love it compared to EL.

The youtube video makes reference to the fact the the watch presses against your wrist at the caseback and buckle points, and this is certainly true. Really though, this is nothing new. Large thick G's before the GD100 had this trait also. Maybe this watch would benefit from the wrist support tabs like the G7900 has. Not to worry, the discomfort is minor and I expect a short get-used-to-it phase. Took me a short while to get used to the frogman and I did. The watch looks great on my 6.75" wrist, certainly big but not comic book huge.

The strap is good, my only critique of it is that at the narrow sections where the holes are the strap is a bit thin. I can see this strap tearing over time. I'd like it about 1 mm or so thicker.

Overall, it's a great value. The GD100 is easy to find, mass market priced, and alot of fun.

Pros: size, display, LED lighting, double tang buckle
Cons: strap thickness, non uniform contact around wrist
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