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Hey guys! I'll show you the pictures first, and the details later.

All(but one, grrr it's irritating me)of the photos came out really well, in my opinion. Files are too large for watchuseek. Refer to URL below please for the album :D

imgur: the simple image sharer

Anyways, now.

Timekeeping mode:

~ Excellent large, clear digits, easy to read and shows you the time, date. and day of the week quickly and easily.

~ Shows you whether you are in DST, and alarm stuff.

I can't think of anything that could really be improved here. 5/5

Barometer mode:

~ Shows you the current time in the upper screen! Excellent, sucks to not have time in all different modes.

~ Shows you the current pressure in hPa or inHG, your choice.

~ Shows you the current temperature.

~ Within its .05 hg accuracy, it seems perfectly accurate so far. I haven't used it a ton, and will update on this. I keep checking it against an online barometer for my town and it has been as much as .02 inHG, which is of course within its range.

~ Shows you the difference between the current reading and the last reading in the red eye. The weather is too damn stable at the amount, so I've only seen it once.

I would rate this 5/5 as long as you don't consider the accuracy a problem, and I don't. Seems great for telling the weather.

World Time mode:

~ In the upper left, again it shows you the current time! Great! I love how it does this in all modes.

~ It displays which city you are viewing, which can be changed with one button press.

~ Of course it displays the time of that city.

I would say the only problem is you have to know the abbreviation of the city, but that is no problem if you intend to be there 5/5.

Stopwatch mode:

~ This one is simple, stop start reset. Works perfectly, as always, 5/5. Of course it displays the current time.


~ Works really well, I found that setting the timer was a bit unintuitive at first, but it is phenomenal now that I've figured it out. 4/5 for it being unclear in the manual. As always it has the current time!


~ Works great, I had a problem setting it, but I assure you it was due to my stupidity, no fault of the watch. I love how it has 5 alarms and still has the time displayed 5/5


~ It is only accurate to about 50 feet in my experience. It does seems to work decently though. Preliminary score of 4/5 but I really need to test it more, haven't used it much.

~ Shows time and temp as well.

These aren't their own mode of course, but here goes:


~ Wildly inaccurate uncalibrated due to body heat, seems great once calibrated. Not going to assign it a score yet as I haven't used it enough, but I like it a lot. Seems good.

Fit on wrist:

~ This is highly subjective, with wrist sizes and all. I'm a 6.5 inch wrist and I wear it on the 4th smallest rung. It is comfortable but not perfect 3.9/5

In general I love it, and cannot complain. It is only $72 shipped on amazon, which seems to me a great deal. The stock photos are terrible(not that mine are better)and the sensors are not ugly at all in real life.

Feel free to ask questions.
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