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Spero Lucem logo.jpg

Spero Lucem is the new independent brand from creative watch designer Yvan Arpa. Based in Geneva the brand specialises in producing highly technical and limited edition timepieces.

Spero Lucem, translates as ‘I aspire to happiness’. The concept behind the brand is to encompass Geneva and its fundamentals within its genetic heritage.

This Fine Watchmaking label is reaching well beyond merely placing a prestigious name on a dial. For Spero Lucem, Geneva is its very reason for being, its point of reference and its home.

Everything about it is inspired by the city, including its own name taken from Geneva’s famous motto “Post Tenebras Lux” which appears on its municipal coat-of-arms as well as on various public monuments.

In actual fact, the motto in full should read “Post Tenebras Spero Lucem”. It is a Latin translation of a biblical phrase from the Old Testament Book of Job (Chapter XVII, verse 12). It can also be translated “After calamity, I aspire to happiness”. To this day, Geneva still owes its prosperity to this patchwork of cultures and to this spirit of openness towards the world; some refer to Geneva’s economic fabric as “an economy of assemblages”, a term especially well suited to watchmaking – and a philosophy forever ingrained in the signature values of the Spero Lucem watch brand.

The talent behind Spero Lucem

Yvan Arpa

Yvan Arpa.jpg

For those of you who don’t know Yvan Arpa, he creates perhaps some of the most interesting and ‘different’ watches around via a number of different brands and watch making stables. Yvan Arpa is the name behind other creative horological endeavours including ArtyA and Blackbelt watches and he has also worked with Romain Jerome, Baume et Mercier and Hublot. He’s a hugely talented watch maker and as CEO of Spero Lucem his latest offerings are further testament to his watch making abilities.

Caiyun Song

Caiyun Song.jpg

Caiyun Song belongs to one of China’s most influential families. A fervent watch collector, a passion she shares with her husband, Caiyun displays a remarkable understanding of luxury and of horological excellence. She naturally sees Spero Lucem – a brand paying tribute to this city of which the history is inextricably bound up with the birth and the practice of the Fine Watchmaking that so deeply fascinates her – as a crowning achievement. And also as part of a duty to preserve and pass on a heritage capable of transcending the finest collection.

La Cleménce Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon

Spero Lucem.jpg

Due to be showcased at Baselworld 2013, the Spero Lucem La Cleménce Minute Repeater Flying Torubillon is named in tribute to Yvan Arpa’s hometown and after one of the bells from the cathedral in Geneva.

Set in an 18k rose titanium or rose gold case, within a larger case that measures 44mm, the watch also includes an in house manual winding flying tourbillon movement that has an impressive 90 hour power reserve. The mechanically complex movement is also decorated with 59 jewels.

The radiant dial displays hours and minutes via a specially layered disc complete with Roman numerals at the position of 12 o’clock. The flying tourbillon is then located at 12 o’clock with the Spero Lucem logo found at 3 o’clock.

The watch then includes, and this is a typical example of Arpa offering something different with his timepieces, a third and quite extraordinary complication which initiates the movement of the hour and minute markers once the minuted repeater has been activated via the lever on the left hand side of the case. What happens next is quite a sight as the hands seem to dance across the sub dial and go crazy. The unique movement has been hand decorated and is visible through its sapphire crystal caseback.

La Jonction

Spero Lucem La Jonction.jpg

In its endeavours to honour Geneva, Spero Lucem has given the name of La Jonction to its second new model for 2013. As the last word in micro mechanical science, this timepiece is at the confluence of a trio of major complications that exemplify the finest Swiss watchmaking and are a pleasure to observe.

La Jonction is a concentration of watchmaking skills. Its flying tourbillon with gold adjustment screws in the balance wheel is a faithful interpretation of Abraham Louis Breguet’s celebrated invention. The tourbillon’s revival in the 1990s never ceases to inspire the best contemporary watchmakers because of the dexterity and capabilities that it demands. Here the tourbillon is associated with mechanisms for jumping hours on a disc and a retrograde minutes hand.

Spero Lucem accessories

Spero Lucem accessories.jpg

Boulevard des Tranchées

For all those times when you need to open a letter cleanly and neatly, Spero Lucem introduces the first-ever deluxe letter opener featuring a blade activated via a horological mechanism. In addition to the care lavished on technical features, extreme attention has also been devoted to every aspect of this exquisitely elegant object: the materials and finishes of the handle as well as the blade, respectively composed of precious wood, carbon fibre or aluminium and the most refined damascened steel.

Avenue du Mail

Alongside its purely horological activities, Spero Lucem has chosen to develop a range of writing instruments housing authentic functional watch mechanisms dedicated to renewing the pleasure of handwriting: driven by a micromechanical construction worthy of the finest horological complications, the nib of the pen suddenly pops out of hiding, while a solid transparent glass enables one to admire the magic of the gear wheels in movement.

Lux fruit

Under the guidance of feminine soul and Spero Lucem partner Caiyun Song, Spero Lucem is developing a luminous High Jewellery line designed for women of fine tastes, ever-changing moods and secret facets. In harmony with the cherished traditions of jewellery artisans, Lux Fuit offers interpretations of the Spero Lucem logo.

Visit Spero Lucem at Baselworld 2013, Palace Stand P-33
or visit the Spero Lucem website


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These should be the names of future models; Saint-Pierre, Léman, Calvin, Rousseau, La Réforme, L'Escalade, Charles Cusin, Voltaire, Eaux-Vives.
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