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lol, classic post, and exactly how we all feel when we try to do the same. i've scratched plenty of casebacks with my awful caseback opener. i think the primary purpose of the thing is to scratch casebacks, and the secondary purpose is to open them up. i was lucky with my new monster. i was very careful and didn't scratch this one, and somehow within about 5 tries i managed to get the watch perfectly regulated. as with any 7s26, the rate also depends largely on the way you wear the watch and the state of wind. so the more i wear the watch the more accurate it is.

but i have definitely had some bad experiences (see previous post of mine) where i've almost given up entirely. seikos are frustrating. swiss watches with ETA movements are so much better. usually much more accurate out of the box, and regulating them is super easy with the fine regulation screw. a mm turn of the screw and you've only changed the rate by a couple seconds per day.

just got a new skx007 in the mail and it's about +15-20 seconds per day. not accurate enough for me but after the last experience i think i'm just going to be ok with it for now and enjoy all other aspects of the watch. at least it's gaining time and not losing it. my monster was losing 20 seconds per day out of the box and that's an absolute no-no. if i get bored i may try and regulate the 007 somewhere down the line.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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