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Recently brought my 1st Sinn, the 857 S UTC and absolutely enjoying the piece on my wrist working from home for a week now trying both the black coated tegiment tech bracelet and on a Zuludiver 400 strap, all black naturally!

While looking for a strap, I went onto their site for a quote and decided to also pick up their latest catalogue.


I love their philosophy of not spending huge marketing money like many other watch brands and put that back into R&D. They don't do things like endorsements so if a celebrity wears a Sinn, it because they want to.

The History

Starting with their Space watch with the 140 ST, though updated, it's kept the same design and the Astronaut brought their own piece, not given or Sponsor thought NASA with Omega and Bulova.


The 104 ST is all about space travel, not just about the Moon.


It would be careless of me if I didn't include the piece I brought. After deciding on the 857 S UTC over the U2, with some help from the WUS community, I really liked the TESAF LH CARGO limited edition of 777 pieces, but it was impossible to find, so went with anti-magnetic version over the VFR model.

The TESTAF LH Cargo was developed in cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo, perfectly aimed at the Boeing 777F, hence the no. of pieces. I live the orange hits, especially the plane ✈UTC hand.


The EZM 12 is an interesting model designed for Air Rescue Service. The design have a Count Up Rotating Bezel for quick read of the "Platinum Ten & Golden Hour", which is the 10 minute interval to assess the situation and imitate treatment and transport of casualties; and many in the military are KIA within the 1st hr, often with blood loss, represents the span of time to treat the wounded with the greatest hope of survival.


Instruction included naturally!


While one associate Germans with their Engineering and Sinn's technology investment into their time piece to create robust, quality timepiece, not forgetting the U1,U2 Submarine Steel watch, Sinn actually have some unique and interesting multi complications piece that I also want to add to my collection.

I never got into chronograph and still have not, but perhaps, Sinn will be my first Chrono!

The Chronographs

Hunting Watch 3006 - A Chronograph with Moonlight display with Day, Date and Month. A moonlight display so we can go Game Hunting!


Series 917 -The Rally Chronograph.

They also have the series 903, the navigation chrono, which reminds me of the Bretling Navtimer, but with a Sellita movement instead of the in-house B01 powerhouse at double the price.


Model 910 Anniversary - Chronograph with spilt Seconds. There Is also the 910 SRS Flyback model


The Financial District - Series 6000 have its own story with a left field move from Sinn into dress watches.

The 6012 model is something I am certainly eyeing with with Moonphase, Day, Date and Month, Chronograph, a FIVE dial-side complication, but wait, a "in-house" movement, the SZ06 from Sinn, as SInn normally use ETA and Sellita for most of thier range. The SZ06 is ETA7751 Valijous based modified.


Look at the super cool case back featuring the Skyline of Frankfurt

The Dress

6200 WG Meisterbund l - 55 piece Limited Edition manual whine


Model 1746 with Poreclain Dial


1800 Damaszener - 100 piece Limited Edition made with Damascus Steel

Who need to pay out of the nose for precious metal and bi metal where there are different steel to play with.

The Journey



There is a entire section dedicated to their technology similar to their website, but I think one of the most impressive among innovations has to be the DIAPAL.

Oh, I just found out what that black "mark" was on my 857 S UTC dial. Should have worked out the logo was magnetic between the faraday cage!


I didn't include the more known models like the 104, 105, U1, U2 and thought it would be interesting to post less popular models to share.
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