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Getting rid of my watch collection...bad idea?

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I recently purchased a grail of mine, a Casio MRG-1100 Frogamn. I payed quite a pretty penny and now I feel like I must sell a portion of my current collection to compensate. (I also promised my girlfriend that I would :) ) I currently own about 12 watches, a majority of them casios. I don't really need the money and was wondering if it would be a bad idea to sell? I don't want to make a decision that I would regret. I also wear many of the watches that I own because I like to enjoy what is in my collection and I know that the longer i keep them the more they will depreciate : ) Currently I am thinking of selling the watches that I do not wear so that they can fall into the hands of someone who will appreciate them as a collectible.

Here is what I own:
Casio DW-5200
Casio G-2000
Casio Protrek PRW 1300t
Casio GWM5610
Casio Giez Gs 1000
Casio MRG 110t
Casio DW 8900 (US release of MRG100)
Casio MRG 220t
Casio TC-600 (touch screen calculator watch from 80's which perfect crystal and is fully functional)
Casio DEP 700
Seiko Black Monster
Pulsar PS7001

Is it worth selling any of these? Deep down I feel like I should keep all the MR-G's, the DW-5200, the G-2000 and possibly the Seiko so that I have an analogue watch in my collection. The rest of the watches would be sold.

What would you guys do with a such a collection? Which ones would you sell? Which ones would you keep? Why?

I would really appreciate any replies! Thank you!!!!
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The fact that I am not going to even break even by selling them makes me want to not sell. I did tell her that I will sell some of them so I might as well sell the ones that I am not wearing because they aren't doing me any good by just laying there.

You're not going to make any significant money by selling your collection and, well, it's not like you need to sell them in order to buy a new watch - since you just did that. It seems to me that you've got some idea that owning watches is a zero-sum game, which it's not. If having them around genuinely bothers you then, that's a different matter. Unfortunately, since you promised your significant other that you would get rid of some, you've kinda shot yourself in the foot there.
I think the only reason you're considering selling them is because your girlfriend wants you to. This would be a huge mistake for several reasons.

1. You should only place your testicles in a jar, and hand them to a woman when they're wearing your ring.
2. Since she's not wearing a ring, there's still hope.
3. If you sell ONLY for her, then you'll resent her mightily possibly even destroying any future testicular surrender possibilities.

Don't sell.
Love this! Very good point! I actually proposed the idea to sell. My girlfriend knows that I collect and she doesn't seem to mind it. She's actually glad that I'm addicted to watches and not other things. I am not going to sell any of the watches that I'm truly attached to. There are many in my collection that I do not wear and I feel like I wouldnt have much regret if any at all by selling them. Thanks for the great response.
I was actually thinking about consolidation, I am the one who proposed to sell. I just don't like the thought of having so many watches (as much as I love them haha). There is the whole issue of resin rot and battery changes, and the whole what if someone breaks into my house and steals them.....and having to decide which one to wear everyday. Fewer would be simpler, easier and more enjoyable. I also like the idea of changing things up, maybe something other than a casio would be nice. Thank you.
If there is 1-3 that gets no wrist time and you have it just because, get rid of it. I have never had an issue with refreshing my collection from time to time.

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There's not much point in keeping something you won't wear. No, you won't make much money, but you can probably move most of those with no trouble. There may be some small regret letting them go...but soon the thrill of the hunt for new watches will be back on :)
I wouldn't sell but if you decide to thin the herd a little think about it carefully so that you don't end up selling any that you later wish you hadn't.
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I sell watches from the collection when I'm not interested anymore. If there are some collecting dust, then sell them.
I wouldn't sell. Girlfriends are more expensive to have around than watches.... from my experience.
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