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Giuliano’s brand DNA is synonymous with the watch resembling a tire pressure gauge, called Manometro. This three-hander watch is clean, crisp, and to the point – a tool to measure time. Now, the Manometro comes in several variation of dials, case material like Carbon Fiber, and a chronograph version. The three-hand watches use ETA movement and chronographs run on DD movement.



The Trasmissione Meccanica takes inspiration from the gears and tools at a mechanic’s bench. The case is in the shape of a gear; the dial is in the shape of a disc of the clutch; crown is identical to spline shaft; and hands are in the shape of ones on a compass found on the mechanic’s bench.


The latest creation of Giuliano is inspired by Carrara marble, a material found close to his home in Italy. He wanted to sculpt a case using marble like the famous sculptors did several centuries ago. Even though cases may appear fragile, they are very hard and will only chip like any other watch case will. He used several variety and color of marbles in making the Carrara models. The white marble dial with the gray dial has a stunning contrast (but very hard to photograph!).


Giuliano also makes pens and accessories based on the same theme of mechanic’s tools. The pens and accessories are sold directly to consumers on his website.

Visit Giuliano Mazzuoli website
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