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First, let me start with that if you own this watch, congratulations, it is a rare piece. You also have my condolences, as this is one of the weirdest designed watches and difficult to work on.

First, you will need your work station, tools, and a few baggies.

Next you need to remove the 2 back bezel screws and put them in a bag.

Then remove the 4 top bezel screws and put in another bag. (They are different)

Now take a breath and mutter a few words of your choice, and move on to more fun . Time to remove the back bezel. Lift the top flap and separate it enough to get a small screwdriver under the side. Gently lift it up-and-coming out, there is a tab that you need to get over.

It will easily come off once one side is untabbed.

Back plate band screw combo is next to take out. Unscrew the 4 and place in yet another bag ( yes, different again).

More fun, you will see the bands are looped around the buttons, gently lift the loops over the buttons on one side and the bands come off.

!!Warning, the back plate and front bezel come off as soon as bands are taken off and there is a small gold spring under front bezel!!

Take out rubber cushion and O-ring.

With pin, pop the battery cover open and replace battery.

Life results

Make sure O-ring channel is clean

Lube and replace.

Reverse the process and put it back together.

Being this was a used bought as is I had one issue. When I opened it up, a piece of metal fell out. I knew what it was, the light contact.

Gaa, I'm pooched, ha, no I'm not! I grab a small piece of aluminum foil fold and bend and let there be Light.

Bands and back plate on.

Gold spring back

Front and back bezels screwed in and done.

Ready to wear.

I hope this helps anyone that stumbles upon this watch and this thread.

Sent from Capt. Kirk's communicator

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Great post. Much more complicated than usual.
very much so, Gary. i have this thought in my head that the design team and the supervisor that signed off on this watch were transferred to the custodial and sanitation arts dept.

this explains why it was made for only one year. one thing i didnt mention is, YES, I washed everything before reassembly. that thing was nasty. how funk got into the O-ring channel is beyond me. then add in when the light contact fell out i had doubts that it was going to resurrect. but in typical G-Shock fashion, she channeled her inner Schwarzenegger, and said,

and sprang to life.

(family site, find the hidden message in the quote by Arnie)
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