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I should be getting back from repair this week my gold-filled Glycine I got new in 1972. As I'm a die-hard purist and into restoration on many levels, I wonder what the original buckle might have looked like. Have still found no photo or illustration of any Glycine that looks much like my watch.
For the watches I've acquired in later years - those either gold plated or solid gold, I've made sure to keep the original buckle if I have it or replace it with one like it might have come with, but the first time I replaced the strap on the Glycine I didn't pay attention to such things. Now, on these watches I've acquired later, it's sometimes a nuisance to find straps I like that fit both the attachment to the case width and also the width of the buckle, but it's been worth it to me.
Also, I've found leather straps - even "better" ones with more unusual leathers and more expensive - still tend to come with buckles whereby the "goldtone" doesn't last too well.
I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the buckle that would have come with a gold-filled Glycine with leather strap of 1972 might be expected to have had a specific design - anything about the buckle at all. I assume it would have been gold-filled, but perhaps not?
Hard to find ANY pictures of Glycines of that era that had leather straps, let alone showing the buckle and with reason to believe the buckle might be original....
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