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Found a booklet from 1940 reporting New York World's Fair, just before Glycine's acquirement by ASUAG, thought I share here. The New York Fair was a futurist exhibition with the motto : 'Building the Future ' in 1939. However the booklet is published in Switzerland as seen below in La Chaux de Fonds in 1940. It mentions different brands but I copy here only Glycine related paragraphs. Interesting is how they justify and test shock resistance, water-proofness and anti - magnetic specs by undergoing some brutal! tests like banging,holding to magnets and miniature submariners carrying watches in water...

La Chaux-de-fonds, Jeudi 31 Octobre 1940. Printed in Switzerland Cinquante-cinquième Année. — N° 44 ORGANE


The novelty watches illustrate the multiple uses in connection with personal jewelry of small Swiss watches, characteristic of the ability of Swiss designers to keep up with the ever-changing demands of fashion. Pendants, ring watches,and unusual metal bracelets watches by Invicta- Seeland; a gold golf watch by Mido as well as a unique waterproof diamond ring watch; a self-winding purse watch by Eterna; interesting fob watches by Nicolet and Wyler are shown, as well as a fountain pen watch by Glycine.

Men, of course — young or old — are attracted by the waterproof Watches and the stopwatches. Every modern type of waterproof,shockresisting, non-magnetic, and in some cases self-winding wrist watches is shown in this group.Some of the waterproof watches are remarkably thin, for example the Movado and Eterna models,or very small or even jeweled outside, like the complete selection of Mido. Eterna, Glycine,Mido and Wyler show the self-winding models.

Through lighted apertures in the black glass panel running the whole length of the back wall can be seen demonstrators, electrically operated,
which give concrete examples of the hardships which waterproof watches can endure with impunity.The Mido Multifort, for example, is first held before a magnet, then dropped with a bang on a metal plate before taking a cooling dip in a water-filled container. There is also a moving hand holding a watch indicating the self-winding feature of the Mido watch. The Glycine self-winding also undergoes the same ordeal without harm, as it falls on a miniature anvil, and there are two toy submarines carrying watches, slowly revolving under water.

And the Glycine Ad in the same booklet:

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Other participants from the Swiss Watchmaking industry.

30 AVRIL - 31 OCTOBRE 1939

Audemars, Piguet & Co. S. A.________Le Brassus

S. A. Louis Brandt & Frères_________Bienne

Buren Watch Company S. A. ________Buren a/A.

Cortébert Watch Co._______________La Chaux-de-Fonds

Eterna S. A.______________________Granges

S. A. Girard-Perregaux_____________La Chaux-de-Fonds

Glycine Watch Co._____________Bienne

Arthur Imhof_____________________La Chaux-de-Fonds

Invicta S. A._____________________La Chaux-de-Fonds


Meyer & Stüdeli S. A._____________Soleure

Mido S. A.______________________Bienne

Ulysse Nardin S. A._______________Le Locle

Nivada S. A.____________________Granges

Patek, Philippe & Co. S. A.________Genève

Perret & Berthoud S. A.__________Genève

Record Watch Co.______________Tramelan

Schlup & Co. Ltd._______________Longeau

Vacheron & Constantin__________Genève

Paul Wyler & Cie. ______________Bale

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