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Let's create a reference article for Glycine Watches history timeline and related models. Upon Uwe's respective decision, we can have it as sticky.

I am starting with my archives which is detailed in early years 1914-1940's, I've included also backed up advertisements and announcements. After 1946 I used different sources as mentioned below.

Additional information is very welcome.

18-May-10Eugene Meylan 'Eugène Meylan, élève de l'Ecole d'horlogerie ' ( student at the watchmaking school )
29-Mar-11Eugene Meylan 'Eugène Meylan, élève de l'Ecole d'horlogerie '
20-May-14La Glycine Creation
26-Aug-14La Glycine 13 Calibers register
25-Nov-14La Glycine , register Hands, enamel dial and cases
27-Jan-15La Glycine 13 lignes first Ad in History
06-Feb-15La Glycine reg 6 cal
20-Feb-15La Glycine 13 lignes Ad
13-Mar-15La Glycine 9 & 13 lignes Ad
23-Dec-15La Glycine Ad with Building
10-Jun-16La Glycine 3 models reg
15-Nov-16La Glycine Piccola & Jofrette Anouncement
06-Jun-17Eugene Meylan & Henri Jeanerret ( Excelsior park ) Collective work
23-Feb-18La Glycine Job Post Outillliar
03-Apr-18La Glycine Job Post Chef d'Horlogerie
18-Sep-18La Glycine Buckle Ad, Sandoz repr
28-Oct-18Eugene Meylan & Henri Jeanerret Ancre 7 lignes
27-Nov-18Correction for above announcement
07-Nov-18La Glycine buckle register, L'Agrafe Glycine ( pat appl 27 Aug 1917 )
27-Jan-19Sonex SA Creation, Silene, Meylan & Jeanerret
15-Oct-19La Glycine purchase request Pignons
09-Nov-20Change name to Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Glycine, Piccola & Joffrette and 3 Caliber Register
17-Nov-20La Glycine P&J first Ad with Calibers
07-Jul-21La Glycine P&J 1 cal reg
25-Mar-2231 cal reg and La Glycine Ad
29-Jan-236 cal reg
07-Jul-23La Glycine P&J change to Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Glycine( P & J gone )
19-Oct-23La Glycine receives Chronometer grade Cal 17 prize
14-May-26Eugene Meylan, Fabrique de Sertissages «Précis» (E. M., du Chenit), fabrique de' sertissages reg
28-Dec-27Eugene Meylan, Sertissages Precis Ad
04-Jan-2731 cal reg La Glycine
14-Oct-27Eugène Meylan, Fabrique de Sertissages Précis, La Chaux-de-Fonds taking repr of Bulle Clock

6 cal reg la Glycine

Glycine starts signing their dials ' Genève '
17-Apr-29Basel Fair Glycine 10K + francs
03-May-30Liege Fair La Glycine
23-Jul-371 cal reg La Glycine, Rolex Screw down crown warning
09-Aug-30Glycine, Doxa and Meyer & Studeli ( Roamer ) forms 'Medex', a cooperation to boost sales in the German Market
25-Oct-30Eugene Meylan buying Chronomuri SA
28-Mar-31Basel Fair Glycine Watch SA
09-Jun-31Automatic EMSA reg and 5 digit patents reg on company
01-Aug-31Glycine Automatic EMSA Ad and looking for Distributors Hotel Elite Bienne
05-Sep-31Glycine Dial Windows Patent reg
09-Sep-31Automatic patent (24.Oct'30) transfer from Eugene Meylan, Le Chaux de Fonds to Automatic EMSA company
14-Oct-31Eugene Meylan, Le Chaux de Fonds, Board meeting delay
24-Oct-31Basel Fair 1931 list and Fernand Engel of Glycine et Pretto
08-Dec-31Automatic EMSA creation, Robert Muller designer
23-Jan-32Eugene Meylan, Le Chaux de Fonds bankrupt-closed
07-May-32' Precis' Eugene Meylan Bankrupt
29-Jun-32'Precis' furniture for sale Eugene Meylan
19-May-33Proxy from Charles Perret and Georges Flury to Fernand Engel and Fils'd'Eggiwil
31-May-33Exclusive use Warning for the Automatic EMSA for Glycine and Pretto Watch Companies
14-Feb-34Article from Fernand Engel for Glycine
14-Mar-34Basel Fair Glycine Participant
12-Dec-341 cal reg Glycine
21-Aug-351 cal reg Glycine
23-Aug-35Automatic EMSA patent moved to Glycine reg
19-Sep-35Fernand Engel proxy removed
22-Apr-361 cal reg Glycine
15-Oct-36Eugene Meylan,Precis Sertissages, Bulle Clock repr,

Basel Fair Glycine, due to economical crisis, Glycine is one of only 29 exhibitiors, an exhibition which Glycine did not miss since 1929

Glycine launches ' Bienne - Genève ' dial marks,used until 1943
30-Apr-38Glycine Fernand Engel reg Fountain Pen
19-Oct-38Glycine Fernand Engel and Albert Kohler
24-Nov-38Glycine proxy to Louis Engel Fernand d'Eggiwil
06-Jul-39Glycine Waterproof, anti-shock Ad
03-Aug-39New York World Fair Glycine Ad and review
17-Apr-41Glycine anticipant in Europe Tour Fair
25-Apr-41Basel Fair Participant Glycine
24-Jul-41Basel Fair Glycine Review of precious stones and 17 lignes slim movement
12-Nov-42Fernand Engel proxy off due to death
1942Glycine's ébauche divisions are acquired by ASUAG
22-Apr-43Basel Fair Glycine participant
23-Jul-43Glycine,M.Vital Robert Engel proxy off for branch Manager
11-Sep-43Vital Robert Engel proxy for Board of Directors
28-Oct-43Glycine Bienne Geneve Models Ad
1943Charles Hertig Evilard takes over Glycine from Certina ( Kurth Freres, Grana )
01-May-46Glycine Basel Fair participant
1952C.H Evilard who also owns Altus Watches SA, integrates Altus to Glycine Watches SA
1953Glycine launches the legendary ' Airman ' watches. Applies for the 24 hour bezel patent. Swiss Pat 314 050, patent applied for Dec 1953, granted in May 1956. The first Airman, AM/PM was retailing for USD 51,95 while Rolex Submariner in 1955 was USD 70,00.
1953-60 Airmen are casing 23 jewels,Felsa 692 N ( Bidynator - modified to 24 hour purist mechanism). First Airman was the AM/PM model with pencil hands in 1953 with patent pending marks on case back , no hack mechanism, red date. Next model had tailend at the minute hand and date magnifier 1954-56. Another evolution switched the tailend to the hour hand 1957-58 and onwards.
1960-67 Airmen are casing A.Schild 1700/01 movement.Airman 'Special' 17 Jewels, Airman 25 Jewels. The price of the Airman Special at this time is USD 79,20 for AOPA members and USD 88,00 for non-members.Airman with 25 Jewels is retailed for USD 96,80 for AOPA members, USD 121,00 for non-members.
1967-71 Airmen are casing A. Schild 1903 movement, (~ 1965 or serial number ~ 600,000 the screw down case backs are switched to snap back ).1969 Pilot's Magazine for AOPA members:Glycine Airman with leather strap: USD 140,00 with fixoflex strap USD 150,00. Airman SST ( Pumpkin ) with stainless steel bracelet: USD 165
1971-74 Airmen are casing A. Schild 2063 movement
1974-1978 Airmen are casing A. Schild 2163 movement ( no hack pin, hacking movement only )
1961Vacuum cased Watches are introduced in different forms, registered model ' Vacumatic '
1964Charles Evilard Jr. ( son of Charles Hertig d'Evilard Sr ) opens a service center in USA for Glycine. An Airman watch costs 99 USD at that time
1965Charled Evilard Jr. returns to Switzerland due to his fathers death. Samuel Werner Glur ( Sales Mng at Glycine ) takes over Glycine Watches SA
1967Werner Siegrist from Glycine Switzerland moves to the USA for the Glycine Service Center 1968-72 and afterwards purchases the company
1967Glycine starts using the ' Crown ' logo

Glycine launches ' Combat ' , ' GMT ' , ' Airman SST Chronograph ' and Airman SST and ' Glycine Automatic Sport SST' lines paying tribute to the Super Sonic Transport project, Boeing 2707.

Glycine introduces its first Quartz timepieces
1970'sCompressor and Spectrum lines are introduced ( using ETA's first high frequency 28.800 A/h movement, 1968 and onwards )
1974Samuel Werner Glur is succeeded by Charles Evilard Jr due to death
1979First Glycine Airman ' Quartz' watch is introduced
1984Hans Brechbuhler ( owner of Belinda Watches SA 1966, ex- Charles Monnier SA )takes over Glycine from Charles Evilard Jr - son of Charles Hertig d'Evilard
1989Werner Siegrist with his ' Falcon ' brand (est 1991 ) starts producing Airman GMT 2000 model, followed by GMT 2001 in 1995,GMT 3000 in 2001
1996Glycine launches their first website
1999KMU 48 is introduced
2002Glycine and Belinda Watches emerge
2002F-104 is introduced

Katharina Brechbuhler takes over Glycine Watches SA from his father Hans Brechbuhler

Glycine Airman 7 Plaza is introduced

Hans Brechbuhler, who saved Glycine in the Quartz era passed away

Airman SST tribute to 1967-69 SST Chronograph is introduced
2011Altus Holding takes over Glycine Watches SA ( Altus Holding has nothing to do with the Hans Troesch Altus from Evilards ). New CEO is Stephan Lack

Airman Vintage 1953 model is introduced paying tribute the 1953 model AM/PM Airman

60 years Glycine Airman is celebrated with the slogan ' Play it again Sam '. Airman is produced in rose gold, white gold and in platinum trio collector box.


European Patent Office

ETA Library

La Chaux de Fonds Chronicles

Bill Shaine archives

Marshall's Handy Manual 1947 and 1966 Editions

Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1975 , Kathleen H. Pritchard

Glycine Watches SA Sales Booklet 1972

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Re: Glycine Watches Timeline ( please contribute )

Good idea - and it makes more sense as a sticky than a few of the others do. I'll try to stay on top of adding any submissions in the following posts to the OP so that it's the only one that needs to be read.

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Re: Glycine Watches Timeline ( please contribute )

Glycine Airman Movements Chart:

ref: Tomas Osterman, John Theobald, Werner Siegrist, Andre Stikkers

Glycine Watches Manufacture Movements and 1970's models chart and reference numbers:

click on picture for complete chart at

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Re: Glycine Watches Timeline ( please contribute )

Useful articles and links related with Glycine vintage timepieces:

Eugene Meylan and Glycine Early Automatics ( WUS Article )

Early Glycine Airman AM/PM and following models ( WUS Article )

Review of Glycine Watches in New York World's Fair 1939 ( WUS Article )

Glycine Patents ( )

Glycine Watches Early History 1914 - 1940 ( )

Glycine Collection (personal collection, )

Interview with Stephan Lack,CEO of Glycine Watches SA 2013 ( WUS Article )

Interview with Hans Brechbuhler, owner of Glycine Watches SA pre-2000 ( external link )

Glycine Airman models,pictures and information ( Andre Stikkers' website, )

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Re: Glycine Watches Timeline

Was trying out the camera and decided to put together the dial marks I have on my timepieces. The font characters and logos, models would help determining the approximate dates of manufacture. Post if you have different ones we might put it together. Note that, this information is limited to my collection and might vary.


Font Photograph Text Black-and-white Auto part

1926 -1943: (start date due to bezel markings )

Photograph Font Text Black-and-white Photography

1926- 1931:

Black Text Font Black-and-white Monochrome photography


Text Font Black-and-white Monochrome Monochrome photography

1928- 1938:

White Font Text Black-and-white Number

1936- 1943:

Font Logo Vehicle

1936 La Classification Horlogère Book lists this ad below with both building in Bienne and Geneve for Glycine:

1953 -55:

Font Text Plant Black-and-white

Text Font White Drawing Illustration


Photograph Text Font Label Black-and-white

Font Text Logo Graphics Brand

1960 -1967:

Black Text Font Black-and-white Photography

1967 - 1969:

1967 - recent:

Black Font Logo Text Brand


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Re: Glycine Watches Timeline

.................................................................... Text Font Logo Graphics Brand

I am happy to report that we have a Glycine Vintage Watches Facebook Page now:
It is supported by the Bienne Made Glycine Watch SA.
A good beginning for the 100th year organization, appreciate your support.
In the same time we've also created an email address which I am volunteering for vintage Glycine watches concerns:

[email protected]

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This post will cover the patents invented by Glycine. There are also several patents and inventions which have not been invented but used by Glycine. Will prepare another post for that, to be continued.

1. The first registered patent by ' Fabrique d'horlogerie La Glycine ' is
a buckle for wrist-watch strap in 1918, CH77684

This buckle was adjusting the length of straps and was estimable for its time. Sandoz Fils & Co as its representative of the ' L'Agrafe Glycine ' was aggressively promoting and advertising it in the chronicles. Obviously it was valued by Glycine, therefore has also patents registered in Denmark DK25397C (1919) , France FR494919A (1919), Germany DE337821C (1919) and Austria AT84063B (1920).

2. Patent
CH143069A from 1931, registering the movement shape, particularly ' baguette ' form, patented by ' Fabrique d'horlogerie La Glycine ' :

3. The famous ' Automatic Module ' from the founder of Glycine, Eugene Meylan
. CH149137 and CH149138 from 1931. This module was a genius invention which could be mounted with simple adjustments on any 8,75 lignes hand winding movements
and turn them into self-winding/automatic watches.

This invention has been moved through several companies' registration. Some of them have been applied for patent but not registered, therefore we see some unrelated patent numbers on those automatic modules. Detailed information in: Glycine Patents Vintage Automatic Airman

4. Patent CH148534
from 1931, registering jump hour,minute and seconds watches' functions.Registered by ' Fabrique d'horlogerie La Glycine:

I've seen several jump hour watches from the 30's but unfortunately didn't see yet one signed by Glycine. How many of these timepieces have been produced, we don't know yet, and more important if they have survived into our timeline. Please drop me a message if you have or seen one. Related advertisement from 1930s, thanks to the NAWCC museum archives:

5. CH159200 from 1932, registering the ' fold lever crown ' by ' Fabrique d'horlogerie La Glycine ':

This was a chic invetion for cushion watch cases:

6. CH314050
from appl. 1953, reg. 1956, the famous 24 hours bezel which we see in the legendary Glycine 'Airman' ,
' The Chief ' line.This bezel became famous in GMT watches and is still being used by many other brands with GMT complication.

Registered by then President of Glycine watches Charles Hertig Evilard and the Sales Manager Hans Werner Samuel Glur. This patent includes two figures. First is the 24 hour bezel and the second one is the crown which is locking the bezel. There is an US patent from Sicura Watches from the 70's which also refers to this patent for the crown - bezel locking system.

Mind that the 24 hour bezel is used by most of the watchmakers and brands even to-day. I believe that this is one of the most widely used inventions which has been found by Glycine, but not enough credited that for.

An Airman case-back,manufactured from applied but not registered time ( 1953-1956 ):

Airman case-back markings after the patent registration, post 1956:

Eye Eye shadow Material property Beige Face powder

7. CH538135 from 1973, registering kind of stem related function in the movement, invented by Denis Maillard of 'Fabrique d' Horlogerie Glycine & Altus SA'.

Unfortunately during turbulent times, economic recessions, wars and finally the quartz hit, the company had ups and downs in the market. But as seen, it has serious commitments and contributions for the watch industry, especially the 24 hour bezel function which is in the market since 60 years and widely popular within cross brands.


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In early January 1972, five people find themselves in a restaurant in Nidau, Bienne . The owners of Glycine & Altus, Wyler, Milus, Delvina and Buttes Watches are discussing the latest trend - LED Watches and sadly admitting that they have to catch the wagon and switch from traditional watchmaking to technologic manufacture.Buttes Watches owner has to justify to his 84 years old father: Father, if we don't cope with the new trend we will lose our market shares, we have to switch, that's an obligation....

11 March 1972 ' Ditronic ' is born. 5 companies whose annual turnover is appr. 50 Mil Franks back then,enter the LED Watches market by uniting.Samuel Glur from Glycine is experienced in the US market due to the succesful Airman launch and popularity. He arranges Optel Corporation from New Jersey, USA to produce the digital watches, and hopes are planted that one day the manufacture can come back to the Swiss Valleys. The joint venture, presents in April 1972 the Ditronic line of watches in Baselfair and this is how Glycine survives through the Quartz,LED,LCD crisis:

Technology Auto part Electronic device

custody of:

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After my laptop crashed down with all the archives in the disc, not completely backed up,I really was worried.Interestingly, yesterday it has decided to work again for a few hours,just enough time for me to copy all hard-disc.
This gave me the opportunity to go through the 30gb data;in the dusty shelves, I found the happy news from Glycine + Altus Watch Factories merge in 1963.Somebody was very romantic in phrasing it.Since its creation by Hans Troesch, Montres Altus kept a decent manufacture quality, incorporating in A. Lange & Soehne form calibers in 1928. It was 43 years old when they merged. Glycine Watch Factory was 49 years old at that time and they shared this joy with public announcing it as below:

Text Paper Document Paper product Illustration

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Wow, there was a lot to like in 1943 from Glycine. In particular, that regulator is very enticing; I would love to see a remake of it for the 2014 collection. The F104 doesn't work for me because the sub-dials are so annoyingly small.

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2nd part of the patents section.
The first part was presenting the invented and registered patents by Glycine,this part will be for the patents not invented but used by Glycine.
The patent numbers can be seen on some of the '60s Glycine Vacuum models and '70s Glycine Compressor models. I've never seen the 'sweeping seconds stop' aka 'hacking mechanism' patent marked on a watch-case yet and also didn't see any other brand using this interesting invention except Glycine Watches.But I think we all love it and it adds value on vintage Airmen and first generation Glycine Combat lines:

CH313813 Compressor Patent, by Ervin Piquerez ( EPSA ),applied in 30 Oct 1953 and registered 15 Mai 1956:

Text Font Line Parallel

CH323980 Sweeping seconds stop also known as 'hacking mechanism',by Georges Godat.Applied in 17 Mar 1955,patent registered 31 Aug 1957. The Airman (except the very early examples from 1953-54) are casing this hacking pin on the top at 24o'clock position. First generation Combat is also using this hack mechanism:

Text Font Document Line Illustration

CH355742 Vacuum patent, by Hans Ulrich Klingenberg. Applied in 23 Jun 1959,registered in 31 Aug 1961:

Vacuum sealed watches were aiming less service frequency and were known for condensation-water-air proof cases.

Vacuum aperture pic custody of 'Glycine Watches Italy'

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I will post all the manuals I have for Glycine Timepieces here for reference. Will start with the earliest I have,the one for the minute tailend Airman ( I even didn't see yet one for the first Airman AM/PM,so will skip it for now ).

The watch, and the manual for 1954-55:

It's interesting and a historical document by itself because it contains 'Indochina' and Belgian Congo' countries and their timezones:

The magnifier on the date is originally square not round,but yeah acrylic crystal doesn't survive 70 years during use, it's a replacement in this watch.

Text Font Paper

As mentioned in the manual, this model is the first Airman which cases the hack mechanism,magnifier on date and the tailend at the minute hand. The very first Airman, the AM/PM model has no hack,no magnifier and has standard hour and minute hands without tailend.

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The manual for the Airman between 1956-61, and the watch itself ( I borrowed the watch photo from member jarnould )

The tail-end is moved to the hour hand,23 jewels Felsa 692 calibers are cased also in this era timepieces. Another variety is the ' Special ' with 17 jewels for USAF personnel.These papers are for one of the late manufactured watches within this time -period :

Text Font Label Paper

and a beautiful aged example Glycine Airman from Nov 1956:

custody of jarnould

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The Glycine Airman Special. Manufactured for the US Air Force and Military personnel. In the '50s, casing Felsa 692 but with 17 jewels instead of 23 jewels. And in '60s casing again 17 jewels movement vs standard versions with 25 jewels.Avg price was 20% less than standard Glycine Airman:

The watch ('60s example):

It's advertisement in Pilot's magazine:

Vehicle Watch Car Lighter

And its manual:

Text Font

Text Font

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This timepiece is so far the only one documented ' The Chief '. Manufactured for the NAVY and seagoing people as described in its manual.It's a weird feeling owning this survivor, adding here for the records.Manufactured in January 1956 and retailed by the famous jeweler 'Tuerler' in Switzerland. The Chief and its manual:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Brown

Text Product Font Material property Paper

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