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Good Deal on Spacematic

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I'm new to the forum and recently got the automatic watch bug. I'm considering purchasing a used spacematic on ebay, its going for 700-800 bucks. Is this a good deal? Does anyone have any other good recommendations for other marketplaces for spacematics in that price range? Thanks in advance.
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In good condition it is a fair deal.
I remember reading that the last batches of Spacematics were sold of at rather low prices.
You are aware there are both automatic and qurtz spazematics out there?

I myself was hunting for a spacematic ~2 years ago, ended up getting a new marinemaster... :)

good luck!
Depends on if the bracelet is there or not I'd say. Spacematics are nice in a way but if it was me I'd look for a B-42 instead. Their casing is just so much nicer in my opinion.
Thanks for the input. I ended up ordering a white faced B-42 marinemaster. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but i figured it should last a life time if properly cared for. It should be arriving tomorrow sometime. I'll post pics soon.
Congratulations! Great watch and one of the most legible dials out there.
So here are some pics

Box Shot


Sittin on Table

Wrist shot

Arm shot

I've only had it on a few hours so its hard to critique since its still a novelty. Upon first inspection I'm pleased with the overall fit and finish of the watch. I have been wearing a 40mm Wenger chrono for the past 3 years so I was worried this would feel huge on my wrist but it surprisingly doesn't. I love the look of the face with the simple layout, large numbers, and bold colors. The moon glow lume is fantastic. This is my first automatic watch and definitely my largest investment in a watch so I'll be extremely critical of it in the next few weeks. I'll post my thoughts then. So far I'm more than pleased :-!
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Nice Marine Master, I have always wanted the white dial.


Nice congrats. on the watch cool pics. too

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